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10 Affordable Cosmetic Updates to Sell Your Home for the Best ROI

If you’re hoping to improve the look of your home before sale and you’re also looking to save on expense and time, there are many cosmetic fixes you can make before listing your home that is sure to earn you an excellent return on investment and also keep your budget on track.


Paint: This is one we’ve mentioned many times in our previous blogs, but it never ceases to be an important part of prepping your home for sale! A fresh and neutral coat of paint rejuvenates the look of your home, making it appear brighter, newer and more open.


Bathroom Updates: Some of the best and most affordable cosmetic fixes you can make for your bathroom include updating your vanity and faucets, or adding a tile backsplash. With some fresh aesthetic choices, these updates are a great way to give the illusion of a fully renovated and modern bathroom.


Replace Carpeting: Old and worn carpeting is definitely a turn off for buyers, so opt to replace the dated carpeting with fresh flooring like hard wood or the budget friendly alternative of laminate. If you’d rather save on replacing the flooring, you can still make a difference by getting the carpet professionally shampooed so it appears at the very least, cleaner and fresh.

Crown Molding: Crown molding is a beautiful and classic cosmetic update that is sure to draw in Buyers, especially those who lean toward a more classic and refined aesthetic.


Hardware & Cabinets: Update your existing Kitchen and bathroom cabinet handles with sleek and modern new hardware. You can also go the extra mile by touching-up or repainting your existing cabinetry or replacing the cabinets all together.


Staining The Floor: You can give your existing hardwood a revitalized new look by staining it with some rich coats of dark stain. Darker wood is extremely in right now because of its bold and polished look. This is also a great way to conceal marks and scratches brought on by wear and tear.


Update Ceiling Fixtures/Light Fixtures: Updated any dated ceiling fixtures and light fixtures with modern designs that are sure to draw the eye, add a sense of hierarchy to your home.

Add Some Life: This easy staging tip is a great and affordable way to bring colour, life and freshness into the home. Houseplants are welcoming and refreshing and when staged beautifully, can work to create an excellent sense of depth in the home. Do yourself a favour and buy some houseplants before listing!


Remove Clunky Furniture: Getting rid of clunky furniture will make a room feel less stuffy and claustrophobic. Instead, opt for neutral pieces that can be well configured to make a room appear larger. Furniture should be strategically placed in order to create tons of room for easily navigating the space and drawing attention to points of interest, like a beautiful window view or a fireplace.


Curb Appeal: Make an excellent first impression by tidying up your front lawn and entrance. If the front door needs fixing, give it a paint job or replace/fix what needs fixing. Be sure your walkway is tidy and clear of clutter. Take a Saturday to visit your local garden centre and home hardware store and make some updates to your lawn by pulling weeds, trimming shrubbery, planting some flowers and adding garden beds, etc. Landscaping also goes a long way in the backyard.

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