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10 Affordable Ways to Boost your Home’s Curb Appeal!

Everyone’s heard the term, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, but who doesn’t? Now consider the same situation when it comes to your home’s exterior. When buyers come to see your house, the first thing they notice is how your property looks from the curb. If buyers don’t like what they see even before they enter your home, it can influence their impression of rest of your property, regardless of how great it looks on the inside. You want to do whatever you can to appeal to buyers and boosting your homes curb appeal is a great area to start.

Here are ten affordable ways to prepare your house for that big sale!

1. Painting Your Front Door with a POP of Colour: Consider how many homes you pass by each day, now ask yourself if any of them stood out to you and why? Most often then not, it’s the house with ‘the big red door,’ that comes to mind! From the curb, a buyer’s eye is naturally drawn to your front door. If your entry looks old and worn, consider a bright, colourful coat of paint. It can make a world of difference to your front entrance, livening it up and making it look almost new.

2. Garage door painting: Now who says you’ve got stop with your front door? Yes, this is a bigger project and can take a day or two, but the effort is well worth it! For many homes, the garage door is the biggest item in the curb appeal panorama. Making it look better will have a big impact on how fast your home sells.

3. Driveway sealing: You’ll be surprised what a difference sealing will make to the overall crispness of your curb appeal. It not only makes the pavement look darker and less faded by also helps cover up some of those pesky cracks. It’s true, sealing won’t give you that “brand new” look of repaving. Though it’s a close and significantly less expensive alternative that is sure to clean up your home’s appearance nicely!

4. Pressure Wash and Clean Windows: A good clean is sometimes all a property needs to get it looking fresh again! Start by busting out that power washer that’s been sitting in your garage for years or renting one from your local hardware store. You’re going to love the feeling of ridding your home of seasons of built up grime. Make sure to work the entire property and not just the home itself. Focus on areas like your driveway, porch and walkway and your rooftop gutters and siding. You’ll be glad you did! But why stop there? You can also wash the front windows to make them look clean and bright again. The no streak effect can be stunning.

TIP: There are window washing products available at home improvement retailers, that connect to your hose to make this job easier!

5. Adding Flowers and Greenery: Gardening can be time consuming. But you can have the same visual impact by adding some fresh greenery or planters and installing floral window boxes. Get creative and change it up seasonally! Your makeshift garden adds colour and bloom to your lawn and at the same time draws the attention of potential buyers by accenting areas of interest, such as your windows, your walkway, your porch, etc.

6. Maintaining Your Lawn: Remember, there’s a balance between adding and removing for aesthetic sake. Think about when you visit your hair stylist. Those new highlights look great, sure…but wouldn’t they look even better with a fresh hair trim? The same can be said for the rest of your lawn. Trimming and maintaining your hedges, shrubs and other evergreens can make a big difference in how your property looks from the street and will highlight all the extra life you’ve added to your home.

7. Removing unsightly items. This one’s simple! Take a look at your home from the street. Are there items in your field of vision that take away from the curb appeal? For example, are there garbage cans and other items stowed along the side of the property? Is the AC unit visible from the road? Are there any outdoor tools or maybe children’s toys hanging about? If so, you’ll want to bring them into your garage or better yet, find creative way to hide them. Maybe strategically planting shrubbery that will cover unsightly hardware or building a decorative porch chest to keep outdoor tools or toys convenient and still organized. There are tons of ways to get inventive-and keep your house looking great!

8. Light It Up! Lighting is another great way to accent areas of interest outside your home. Exterior pot lights can be placed strategically to highlight the home itself, or specific areas like your entryway. While stringing lights along the top of your porch will make the space look cozy and homier. Walkways and landscaping can be highlighted using post lights. There is a slew of options for lighting, including solar powered LED lights for the budget and environmentally conscious. But I suggest a soft and delicate lighting choice, is always the best route.

9. Replacing Dated Hardware: A nice way to clean up the look of your home is by replacing your old exterior hardware. You can find some great design resources online to inspire you. Even something as simple as a brand-new door knocker is a wonderful greeting to potential buyers and gives your home a more modern appeal.

10. Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize! Yes, accessorizing your home is a thing! This is your time to shine and really show off your personal style to your neighbours and buyers. Selecting tasteful, outdoor décor is a lovely way to give your home more character. Stay away from too many small, cluttering knickknacks, and instead focus on featuring artwork and fixtures that make your home look more elegant. Getting a wreath is a great way to start and always a big hit!

There you have it! Ten guaranteed ways to boost your home’s curb appeal. If you have questions about this or want my personal recommendation on how your home can specifically be improved, contact me today. I’m always happy to help!

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