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10 Easy Ways to Fall Back in Love With your Home!

Think back to when you first purchased your home, and how in love you were, about to begin this new and exciting chapter of your life! I’m sure it’s safe to say, that after some years of living there, that spark may have fizzled a bit, especially now considering all the time we’re spending at home how boring it may feel! Maybe you’re looking to spice up your interior, or you’re just looking for some easy and interesting home improvement ideas…whatever your dilemma, here are 10 ways to freshen up your living space and make you home liveable and lovable all over again!


Painting the Walls or Ceilings! You may be tired of looking at the same paint colours you’ve been living with for years, so one of the most obvious ways to renew your living space is to liven up your walls with some fresh coats of paint. Choose colours that ignite that spark again! Whether that is a bold or dramatic palette or keeping things simply with a clean and chic neutral look, painting your living space can make a world of difference and is a sure-fire way to make any room look better! You can even go the extra mile and paint your ceiling! Painting the ceiling with a colour or a maybe even a mural is a fun and unique way to jazz up your space!


Bring Light into the Home: Transform your home by simply adding more light to every room! If you’re bored with the look of your old ceiling or wall light fixtures, consider replacing them with something new, to fit your tastes now, or add extra light fixtures to bring even more light into the room. Do some shopping within your budget, and look for some gorgeous lighting options that will work to bring new style to your home!

Accentuate with Colour: Colour is an instant mood booster and a great way to renew love for any room! If you aren’t ready to go ahead and start painting your walls in bright and bold tones, take an easier route and try some accents in your textiles and furniture! Consider using pieces of furniture, maybe an armchair or couch with colourful upholstery, or incorporating bright pillows, throws or fabrics into the space.


Fix What Needs Fixing: It’s very easy to allow the small and trivial home improvements to be forgotten about. I’m talking about that burdensome leaky tap or fussy loose door handle. It may not seem like a big deal, but if you consistently have to deal with minor inconveniences, you may find your annoyance building over time and could wind up resenting the space you live in! Don’t let this carry on! Instead take inventory of all that needs fixing around the home and make a conscious effort to remedy these issue. You’ll feel better in the long run, and prouder of your perfectly functioning home!

Rearrange the Space: Try rearranging you space and changing up the decor setup of your home! Often times, we look at the structure of a room and go with a safe arrangement that we think makes the most sense for the space. But changing things up, perhaps moving around some furniture or even just smaller pieces of décor can make a world of difference and can change the feel of a room entirely!! Try your hand at rearranging some spaces around your home and see how you feel. You may be pleasantly surprised by home much the change works for you!

Liven Up the Space: Bringing in some fresh greenery and floral arrangements is not only proven to improve mood and productivity but also encourage fresher airflow within your home too!!

Change Up Your Cabinets & Replace Old and Tired Hardware: If you’re being budget conscious, replacing your cabinets entirely may not be an option for you; but that’s not to say you can’t get the same fresh look by refinishing and painting what you have! You can also get a newer, fresher look by taking the extra step of installing new hardware for the cabinets. Something chic and trendy to change up the style and add a renewed finish to your already existing cabinets

Turn your Bathroom into Your Own Little Spa: A bathroom can be transformed into a great spa escape at home with some simple upgrades that don’t require an entire bathroom renovation. Replacing old hardware, such as sinks & faucets, towel hangers and hooks can make the space appear newly renovated, even when it isn’t. Clearing the clutter in your shower, by disposing of empty toiletry products and organize with a shower rack. Deep clean the space, replace your towels with fresh linens and fill the room with warming, relaxing scents using potpourri, incense or candles.

Remove Clutter & Utilize New Storage: Do yourself a favour and start purging all those old, cluttering items that no longer bring you joy in life in order to create space for a fresher start! Cleaning up your space will give you room to love your home more! You can also think of installing or purchasing some new storage solutions for your home that will not only add new style to the space but will keep your home from falling back into clutter!

Create your Own Outside Oasis: One of the best decisions I made at the start of the pandemic was deciding to take my drab and ordinary outside patio space and turning it into a gorgeous at home getaway, right in my backyard! Having an aesthetic and peaceful space to get some fresh air, to either lay back or relax or to entertain is a great way to fall in love with your home again! It doesn’t matter how big or small a space you’re working with, there are so many options to transform your patio, balcony, backyard or deck! I am IN LOVE with my patio space, and for some easy tips on how to makeover yours…check out his vid!

Loving your home doesn’t have to be tumultuous, like any healthy and long lasting relationship…if you put in the effort, you will always get the reward! Try out some of these easy tips, and I’ve no doubt you’ll love your home just as much if not more than when you first purchased!


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