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10 Fun and Festive Ideas to Decorate your Home for the Holidays!

If you’re anything like me, then Christmas is one of your favourite times of the year especially where decorating your home is concerned! Christmas decorating is great way to make your home look like a winter wonderland but if you’re searching for new seasonal inspirations then look no further, here are ‘10 Fun and Festive Ideas to Decorate your Home for the Holidays!’

Reverse DIY Christmas Bunch! While wreaths are normally the go to Christmas staple for decorating your windows and doors, why not opt for a DIY alternative that’s just as festive and eye grabbing? You can create your own DIY Christmas bunch by layering together whatever embellishments you’d like and using either glue or ribbon to piece everything together. What’s wonderful is you can use branches, greenery, garland, ornaments, mistletoe, bells, pinecones and more! It’s completely your preference depending on your style and how elaborate you want to make your design! Here’s another tip, hang the bunch on your doorway upside down to create a fuller and more elegant effect!


DIY Advent Calendar: If you’re looking for a way to decorate the space above your mantle or even for an interesting centerpiece to liven up your table display, here’s a great idea! Create a DIY advent calendar using small paper baggies, boxes, or mini tin buckets and decorate the items on theme. Next, string your calendar pieces across a large branch and either hang the branch above your dining table as a suspended centerpiece, or on the wall above your mantle.


Little Doesn’t Mean Less: Decorate a mini tree as either a table ornament or as an added accent to cozy up an empty nook! Smaller trees are not only adorable, but they are also easy for the kids to decorate and a great way to add a little touch of festivity to any space with just as much impact. They are also a perfect alternative too larger trees for those living in smaller apartments who need to conserve space but don’t want to sacrifice tradition!


Garland Is a Must! The wonderful thing about a lush strand of evergreen garland is it can be dressed up or down to create a beautiful effect in practically any space! Garland can be draped along a banister, across a mantle, mirror, or entryway and is never one to disappoint, especially when adorned with shimmering bobbles, lights, ornaments, ribbon and more!


Wrap Books or Empty Gift Boxes: Wrap empty boxes of all sizes in a curated palette of gift wrapping and ribbon and use these boxes to add a charming touch to your home while also utilizing available shelving or bookshelf space. The same can be done by wrapping the books themselves and stacking them, spines faced out to brandish their new holiday covers! The effect feels like a traditional Christmas window display and is gorgeous when accented by garland, figurines, and ornaments!


Fresh & Festive! Adorn your garland with apples, oranges, or lemons for a pop of colour! Also, filling a large glass bowl with fruits, greenery and glinting ornaments can make a wonderful centerpiece!


Prep with Patterns! Prep your home for Christmas by utilizing some traditional Christmas patterns. Use throw pillows that boast holiday patterns such as plaid or stripes, to add a rustic finish to any basic sofa or seat! Traditional solid colours like red, green, gold and silver can also all be warmed up and accented with cozy looking linens, or a knitted or patterned throw blanket thrown over a chair or sofa.


Twinkle, Twinkle Little Lights! You Christmas tree isn’t the only place for those twinkly lights to be put to use! String lights can also be wrapped along your banister or mantle or woven into garland. Also, consider lining parts of your entranceway, fireplace and along your staircase with lanterns and candles. For safety sake, consider using battery powered candles for this! The ambient lighting really creates a warm and cozy mood that’s just perfect for the holidays!


Choose a Theme or Colour and Focus Your Decorating on That: Here’s a fun challenge, consider choosing one solid theme or colour to focus your decorative choices around. For instance, a theme like ‘gingerbread house’ might mean incorporating candy or treats in your décor. Or, choosing a colour like ‘blue’ could mean finding interesting ways to transform your home into a sleek looking ice palace! Whatever theme or colour you choose, by deciding and sticking to a theme your more likely to wind up with a cohesive and creative look that’s all your own.


Go Minimalist: Most of the time when we think of Christmas, we think rich colours and bold patterns. All that holly jolly jazz! As much as I love the traditional Christmas aesthetic, sometimes toning things down and going minimalist can be just as comforting and chic in its appeal.


There you have it, ‘10 Fun and Festive Ideas to Decorate your Home for the Holidays!’ I hope you found this list helpful and for more tips on how to deck the walls of your home this Christmas season, feel free to reach out! I’m more than happy to help!



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