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10 Headboard Ideas to Liven Up Your Bedroom

Your headboard acts as the focal point of your bedroom, and is a great way to elevate your personal style in your bedroom! From cozy to chic and everything in between, there are many different vibes a headboard can exude and we’ve listed some headboard ideas below to spark your inspiration!

A Tufted Headboard: A tufted headboard is for those with bold tastes. It continues to be a favourite among designers and works elegantly well with mirrors and glittery accents. A floor to ceiling tufted headboard can add a particularly extravagant feel to any room and can also create a sense of length.


Pallet Headboard: For the budget conscious and DIY lovers alike, the pallet headboard is a great way to recycle old transport pallets into a gorgeous and creative headboard! You can often find used wooden pallets by inquiring to small businesses or searching on Kijiji. These pallets can be refurbished, sanded, painted and nailed together to create your own DIY headboard. Take it a step further and string some twinkly fairy lights around it to give it that soft, rustic glow!


Vintage Headboard: For a classic and elegant look, think about getting a vintage headboard. Vintage can include many designs, but shop around to your local antique shops and see what you can dig up. The shabby chic look is still incredibly sought after!


Patterned Headboard: A patterned headboard is a great way to add life and colour to your room. We suggest keeping things simple with your bedspread and décor, and making the headboard your bedroom eye-catcher!


White Headboard: For a most crisp and pleasing design, a white headboard never disappoints. This is a great headboard because of its neutral appeal, making it easy to design around and versatile for any individual or age.


Chalkboard/Cork-board Headboard: If you have a lot of thoughts and muses to keep track off, or even if you jus love to doodle, a chalkboard or cork-board headboard might be the right match for you. This DIY headboard is a great way to keep your notes in check and organized but also works wonderfully for collaging and being creative!


Retro Headboard: Retro designs are sometimes hard to pull off, but rattan, natural cane and wicker headboards are making a huge comeback! These 1970s inspired designs work wonderfully in any bedroom and offer a coastal and unique motel look.


Backsplash Headboard: Turn your wall into a headboard by creating a tile backsplash behind your bed. A tile backslash can be beautiful and adds a Tuscan element to your bedroom while also bringing a warm feeling indoors.


Rot Iron/Brass Head Board: There are many styles of rot iron and brass headboards. Some are simple and modern; others are classic and inspired by Victorian architecture. Whatever matches your tastes, these headboards are a great choice because they add elegance and sophistication to any room.


Hobbies Headboard: Try your hand at this awesome and creative DIY project by intergrading your favourite hobby into your headboard design. For instance, attaching hockey sticks or skateboards to your headboard, or if your enjoy reading — a collage headboard of books open to your favourite pages would look magnificent. By designing your headboard around your favourite hobby, you go to sleep and wake up inspired by what you love!

Hopefully one of these headboard ideas sparked some inspiration for your own bedroom, and for more design ideas, you may be interested in checking out some of our other blogs.

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