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10 Kitchen Tools to Make your Kitchen More Efficient

Whether you’re an aspiring chef or someone who enjoys the regular balanced meal, we’ve compiled a list of the ‘10 Kitchen Tools to Make your Kitchen More Efficient’ to help make sure your kitchen is stocked with all the essentials you’ll need to get cooking done fast and efficiently!

A Professional Chefs Knife: No matter your skill level, when it comes to cooking a good knife is every chef’s dream. Shop around for a solidly constructed kitchen knife that is comfortable to handle and perfectly sharp. Careful not to get anything that is too clunky or flimsy as this could wind up being dangerous. The correct knife should be the right fit in your grip and a relaxed weight to manoeuvre. You’ll be surprised how much easier prepping meals becomes when you’ve got a sleek slicing knife at your disposal!


Food Processor: Food processors are an excellent tool to make quick work of solid and chunkier food items. With they’re rigid and razor sharp blades, they can slice, puree or pulverize dry food items that would otherwise take a great deal of time to prepare. They not only save a ton of time when it comes to cooking but also a ton of hassle too!

Rice Cooker: Rice is often a staple side dish in many meals and can also be made into a delicious main in many cases! Preparing rice over the stovetop can often take patience or time to cook right, but with a rice cooker all these problems get solved! No more burnt bits of rice at the bottom of your pot or water boiling over! With a rice cooker you can portion your rice just right and always come out with perfectly cooked and fluffy rice every time!


Blender: Blenders are one of the most fundamental kitchen gadgets due to their sheer versatility! Not only are they great for making fresh smoothies, juices and refreshing sorbets, but they can also be used to prepare savoury foods such as soups and dips also! Blenders will save you a great deal of time while cooking, and also make measuring and blending ingredients extremely simple and easy! It is recommended that liquid base recipes work best for blenders!


Four Sided Grader: A four-sided stainless steel grater is great for freshly shredding your cheese and saves you from spending on the overpriced pre-packed grated cheese you’d find in supermarkets. The different sides allows you to choose the size of your grating while also providing options for mincing and zesting fruits and vegetables.

An Electric Beater: This one is for all the aspiring bakers out there! Save yourself the arm strain of manually beating that thick dough or batter, and use an eclectic beater instead! Electric beaters work great for properly combining and mixing ingredients and making sure everything folds together smoothly and deliciously before being popped in the oven! Come out with silky batter every time!


A Slow Cooker: A slow cooker or crockpot is great for making meal times easy and efficient while also producing mouth-watering and comforting meals for the whole family! With slow cooker all you need to do is prepare your ingredients, throw them into pot with some broth and allow the cooker to do it’s magic all day while you can go about your daily routine! It doesn’t get much simpler than that! Manual intensive meals like roasts, chillies, stews and more can all be made easy with a slow cooker!


Non-Stick Frying Pan: We recommend a frying pan that is non-stick with a round shaped skillet and somewhat higher sides to make tossing food easier! A good frying pan can be used in a number of ways from sautéing, frying, searing, scrambling, and even boiling (depending on its depth) and with so many uses, it is surely one of the best kitchen tools to have in your arsenal!


Silicone or Rubber Spatulas: These spatulas are great ways to ensure you’re never wasting food! They work wonderfully from scraping out those last stubborn bits of food in the batter bowl or at the bottom of a food processor. They also are great for folding ingredients together in a batter while baking or smearing glaze or icing onto desserts, making these spatulas another favourite for bakers. Silicone tends to hold up better under high heat so this is our preferred go to recommendation!


Multi-Sized Food Containers & Jars: Purchasing of air-tight containers and jars in varying sizes for your ingredients but also for your leftovers is a great way to store food and make cleaning up and prepping food for the week a breeze! We recommend glass containers as they are non-toxic and will keep food fresh even longer! You can pack dry ingredients, spices, pastas and snacks in separate containers and and store them in your pantry to be used for cooking at your convenience! You can also safely store cooked food in the fridge and have it at the ready to be eaten throughout the week! Super easy and efficient!

Now that you’re aware of all the tools that will make your kitchen it’s most efficient, you can think about building up your own kitchen arsenal and having meals prepped in no time!

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