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10 Special Mother’s Day Ideas

We love buying our mom’s gifts for Mother’s Day, but often the most memorable gift of all is the quality time Mom gets to spend with her family. Spending Mother’s day together is one of the greatest gifts you can offer your mother, so why not plan a full day of fun activities to pamper your mom and make her feel extra special!!


Mother’s Day Brunch: Be sure to start the day off right by planning a decadent Mother’s Day brunch at home for her to enjoy. The menu should be crafted with care, made full of savoury and sweet dishes that are specific to her tastes…and don’t forget the Mimosas!


For the Outdoorsy Mom: If your mom is the outdoorsy type, plan some active ways to spend time together outdoors! Go for a bike ride through the neighbourhood or find a bike trail, or nature trail with gorgeous scenic routes to go hiking down. Go to a park and do some outdoor yoga, or better yet sunrise yoga if your mom is an early riser! Finally, you can reenergize after your journey with a picnic at your destination!


For The Creative Mom: If your mom loves being creative, sign up for an art class on Mother’s day. There are lots of classes you can take together, including painting, ceramics, a sketch class and more! The great things about taking an art class together is you’re left with a beautiful piece to remember the day and put up for display!


For The Mom who appreciates the Finer Things: Treat your mom to afternoon tea. This comforting British tradition is the perfect way for your mother and you to unwind together. Visit a teahouse where you can sit together, sip tea from fancy china and enjoy snacking on delicious tea sandwiches, scones and teacakes!


For the Mom who loves the Arts: Take your mom on a gallery tour or to a museum hosting exhibits that peak her interests. Or, if she prefers performance Arts and theatre, purchase tickets to a play for you all to see together! You can even take an improv class together if your mom enjoys new and exciting challenges!


For The Nostalgic Mom: Revisit your memories and family archives and albums, and make a memory scrapbook together. There are lots of scrapbook examples to pull inspiration from online. Or better yet, why not digitize some old home videos or pull them from your phone and have a home movie night with popcorn and snacks!


For the Mom who’s a Big Kid at Heart: Spend the day hosting a lawn games tournament, with an itinerary of fun-filled games to play outside in your backyard or at a park! Crocket, lawn bowling, corn hole, volleyball, potato sac races, and water balloons, are just a few game you can include!


For the Floral Loving Mom: May is the perfect time to start gardening. Visit your local garden centre and pick up some fresh spring bulbs to plant together. This is a fun way to dig around in the dirt, get your hands a little dirty and watch something you’ve nurtured together, grow! The great thing about planting flowers is that once bloomed, they’ll always be a great reminder of the special day you spent together! You could also take a flower arranging class together. Wouldn’t a bouquet be extra special if you arranged it yourself?


For the Chef Mom: Take an in-person or online cooking class together! This is a fun way to enjoy a special Mother’s Day dinner, which is made even more enjoyable since you’ll be cooking it together. At the same time, you can try your hand at mastering your chef techniques and perfecting new recipes!


For the Mom Who Deserves a Day of Pampering: This applies to every superhero mom out there who needs  a break! Spend the day pampering your mom to the absolute fullest. Plan a spa day for her to relax and unwind, including facials and a professional massage. You could also take her to the salon and treat her to a fresh cut and blow out, so she can feel extra beautiful. Get mani-pedis together! And who’s to say celebrating Mother’s Day has to be limited to one day, combine all these special treatments in one getaway weakened you’ll always remember.


We know no matter what activity you treat your mother to this Mother’s Day, it’s sure to be special as long as you’re spending the day together. We hope this list helps to give you some inspiration for the day!


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