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12 Must Add Stocking Stuffers to Order Online

Tis the season for Christmas shopping! In the hustle to get your bigger gift shopping done on time, it’s easy to forget the importance of packing together the perfect Christmas stocking! Don’t forget, the small touches always make a huge difference on Christmas morning and if you need ideas on what stocking stuffers to include in this years Christmas stockings, we’ve got you covered! Check out this list of fun, handy and hilarious stocking stuffers that are sure to please every unique personality!


Card Game: Card games are always huge hits as stocking stuffers because almost anyone can have fun playing them. A good card game is fun, humorous and exciting and can be counted on to bring plenty of laughs to a party or family gathering! We suggest one of Amazon’s 2021 top game sellers this year, ‘Relative Insanity,’ an absolutely wacky game for family members!



Portable Reusable Straws: Portable reusable straws are not only handy accessories to have at the ready but they are also extremely practical and environmentally friendly. These straws in particular come with their own carrying case, cleaning rod and key chain attachment to make sure you’ll always have a straw when you need it.


Pop Socket Holder: Pop socket holders are great options for stocking because they are a practical and cute accessory for your phone. They are great for mounting phones on multiple surfaces and they come in a variety of designs and themes for all interests!


Travel mug: A travel mug It’s an excellent item for those on the go, and they work great to keep steamy drinks like coffee and hot chocolate warmer longer. It’s also a great item for juices and smoothies!


Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy: While one of the least practical stocking stuffers on our list, this hilarious and adorable mini inflatable guy is the perfect desk pal to lighten up a work day and bring giggles into any office!


Amco Rub-A-Way Bar, Stainless Steel: This stainless steel hand bar is a great stocking stuffer option for chefs or for anyone who enjoys cooking but not the odours like fish, garlic and onions that can be left behind on your hands. While this isn’t a hand washing bar, it does work to remove any lingering scent left behind after a proper wash.


Assorted Bar Soaps: For those who enjoy some pampering, an assortment of replenishing and natural bar soaps with exotic and yummy scents is a perfect stocking stuffer! Scents like coconut, vanilla, lavender, lemongrass and papaya are just a handful of options for a cleansing and relaxing exfoliation experience.


Matte Claw Clips: This four pack of matte claw clips are a big hit on Tiktok, and are equally stylish and adorable! The pastels colours are gorgeous, not to mention the clips themselves actually work great to hold thick hair in place.



Adult Colouring Book: An adult colouring book is a fun way for friends and family to reconnect with their creative childlike side. It’s also great for de-stessing and to stimulate the mind! You can find so many fun and intricate adult colouring books to include as stocking stuffers, and plenty of adorable and more age-appropriate options for kids too!


Gratitude Journal: It’s always important to reflect on what we’re grateful for, especially around this time of year. A Gratitude journal is a great way for your friends and family to keep their spirits up throughout the New Year with uplifting daily prompts to remind them what they are grateful for.


Satirical Socks: Satirical socks are cozy and hilarious and a great way to be witty and original with your stocking stuffers. You can pretty much find these humorous socks at varying Christmas markets, local novelty shops or online from speciality sock sellers. Blue Q is an excellent brand with plenty of themed socks for all interests!


Sketch Book Prompts: A mini prompt book for sketching helps parents encourage their child’s artistic side. This book, 642 Tiny Things to Draw is adorable and gets your kids excited about by making tiny accomplishments in their artistic journey.

Now that you have a few ideas for hit stocking stuffers to add to your stocking this year, you’ll no doubt bring huge smile to the faces of your friends and family on Christmas day!! For more Christmas inspired ways to get yourself ready for the holidays, I’m here to help!


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