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2021 New Years Resolutions for Every Homeowner!

With New Year’s only a few days away, it’s time to start making some homeowner’s resolutions that will not only maintain your home but may also earn you some money in the future!

Perform Maintenance & Resolve to Make it a Routine: With our busy schedules, it’s easy to overlook routine maintenance around the home. That’s why it’s always important to evaluate your home at the start of the year and tend to all those odd jobs and repairs that may have been overlooked, no matter how trivial they may seem. Remember that a small problem can often transform into a larger nuisance if not addressed over time. Make an annual checklist for yourself and refer to it at the start of every year to make sure these jobs get done. For example, check areas like your roof, windows, furnace, the water heater, and don’t forget small repairs either. This will be save you from a huge hassle and tons of time and money should you decide to sell later down the line!


Make some Aesthetic Changes: Think about areas of your home that could benefit from a makeover or some new updates or features. Whether that be tackling a big job like remodeling your kitchen or something small like a new coat of paint in your bedroom, it’s always fun to embrace change in the new year, and to continuously improve your home to your liking! Not to mention, adding updates can really boost your home’s appeal in the eyes of buyers!


Switch to Energy-Efficient Options: You can save a ton of money and do your small part to help the environment by make a few energy efficient changes around your home. Consider using more renewable energy sources such as solar paneling, LED bulbs, energy-efficient windows and more! Making these investments now will save you a ton of money in the long run!


Look for Better Deals on Your Insurance: It’s a good idea to revaluate your rates at the end of every year and shop around to see if there are more cost-effective options for your homeowner’s insurance. Always be sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck, that you have enough coverage and that you are not underinsured in a worse case scenario.

Declutter your Home: Tidying in the new year can be extra rewarding for a homeowner so don’t wait around for ‘Spring Cleaning’ season to start sprucing things up. Take inventory of clutter around the home, items that are either outdated or are no longer bringing you joy and go ahead and get rid of them. Donate what you can to your local thrift shop and feel good about your decision to start fresh this year!

Increase your Mortgage Payments: If you can afford to, increasing your monthly mortgage payments, no matter how small that amount may be, means you’re one step closer to paying off that mortgage faster and can have tremendous impact on the amount interest you pay over time!

I hope this list has been helpful and gets you excited and committed to these easy homeowner’s resolutions! Needs some more guidance on how to make the resolutions happen? I’m here to help!



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