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2022 Home Resolutions to Commit to This Year

Your home is where you spend the majority of the year, so why not make it a part of your 2022 resolutions too? By making a conscious effort to set and maintain your home resolutions, you’ll no doubt grow to love your home even more! For some inspiration, check out these top 6 home resolutions for 2022!

Organize to the Nines: Organize each room throughout the next few weeks. Clear out cabinetry and storage by throwing away or donating any items that are just dust collectors. Also, any new items you bring into the home should be items that will bring you joy. Each space should be simplified and reorganized in a manner that’s more efficient and offers a fresh appeal to the eye!

Plan out a Home Budget: Personal budgeting and saving is often a top resolution for people, but it’s important to make budgeting for your a home a top priority also! Sit down and take time to evaluate your yearly home bills and maintenance expenses. Be sure to also set some extra money aside in case of unforeseeable damage and repairs. By creating an annual budget sheet, you will always be on time with bills and also do your best to not overspend outside the budget you’ve laid out for yourself.

Home Improvement: Remember all those home improvement projects you’ve been meaning to start since last year? Make a conscious effort to work on these projects and get them done this year! Make any necessary updates to your home and fix what needs fixing. You’ll be surprised how much the love for your home will grow when it’s completely well functioning and renewed!

Make your Home Safer: Ensure your home is safe and sound for your entire family! The best way to do this is to make sure all your smoke alarms are in working orders and that both smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are installed on every floor of the home. You should also set calendar reminders to check your detectors every few months. In addition, be sure to check your home for radon, a colourless and odourless gas that can be terribly harmful to residents when left undetected. You can purchase radon detection tests at your local hardware store for a more than reasonable price and this small investment is definitely worth the safety of you and your loved ones. Maintain your HVAC system to encourage proper ventilation and clean out dryer lint and furnace filters regularly. Lastly, consider installing a reliable alarm system for your home to give you that extra peace of mind!

Create a Cleaning Schedule: It’s easy to get lazy with cleaning, but a tidy house is a home you’ll feel happier and cosier in! Allocate tidying jobs between members in the family and create a cleaning chart that breaks down your daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks so you’ll always be on top of your cleaning game!

Tackle new Design Projects: Think of some new design choices and make them happen! Maybe this means introducing more colour into your home by painting or adding new décor, remodelling your kitchen, or starting to garden and landscape; it’s all about what you want to achieve to make your home appeal aesthetically to your creative eye!

There you have it! By implementing these simple home resolutions, and most importantly by sticking to them, this is a great way to love your home and feel a huge boost in confidence and spirit!

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