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How to Stage Your Home for a Showing

A key and valuable step to selling your home successfully is great staging, a real estate practice that incorporates tasteful and subtle interior design to make your listing standout to buyers! Think of the saying, “dress to impress” and imagine ‘staging’ like accessorizing, but for your home!


Extra Touches: For aesthetic appeal, consider setting aside a small budget for staging. Even just a few curated and strategically placed accent pillows, framed prints, throws, candles, décor pieces, and even fruit bowls can makeover your home completely. It’s all about creating an atmosphere people are drawn to, so decorate with a chic and simple vision. You don’t want to over clutter a space, so it’s important to use these items to just top each room off and accent the areas you most want shown. For help with staging you can refer to your agent. Remember some rooms have more clout than others. For instance, the living room, kitchen and master bedroom are what buyers are most likely to be influenced by, so allocate your budget and efforts by focusing your attention on these rooms in particular.


Clean, Declutter & Depersonalize: The easiest way for buyers to envision themselves in your home is to present the clearest canvas for them to draw their dreams upon. This means tidying your home thoroughly from top to bottom, not forgetting all those nooks and crannies, making everything sparkle and look new — to show buyers, the home is in wonderful condition! It’s also important to remove any unsightly items around the home, things like knickknacks, toys, games, clothing and seasonal items can all pile up, so while your home is on the market keep these items in storage. Likewise, for personal keepsakes such as family photos, drawing, etc.


Liven and Freshen Things Up: Strategically adding some healthy potted plants or tasteful floral arrangements around the home will freshen things up and make the home feel inviting! You should also deodorize by tidying, being sure the garbage has been emptied before every showing, pet hair is vacuumed, and crates are cleaned out, and surfaces and sinks are cleared. To make your home feel extra warm and cozy, fill your home with a pleasant and inviting scent by burning a gently scented candle or baking cookies on the day of a showing.


Arrange Furniture to Utilize Space: Rearrange furniture around the home to make things more open and make the space more appealing and accessible to buyers. Make sure there isn’t too much furniture in a room and if so, declutter by storing any items away that may compromise the space. Refer to your real estate agent for help with this, as they’ll have a better idea how to make the most of the furniture you have to make every room feel spacious and homey!


Keep it Neutral: Consider painting over any bold or brightly coloured walls around your home with a neutral tone that is likelier to appeal to buyers. Remember that clear canvas I mentioned? Well, light tones such as whites and off-whites, taupe and light gray are just a few popular neutral tones to mention and gives your buyers more room to decide how they’d like the paint the home themselves, if they choose.


Light Up the Space: This one’s pretty simple, highlight each room by utilizing your home’s natural light to make it appear brighter. Open all your curtains and blinds and turn on all your lamps and light fixtures. You can also install added light fixtures outside the property to showcase what you most want shown such as flower beds and landscaping.


Make Repairs: Fix up any areas around your home that may need attention. Make sure all fixtures, appliances are in working order, that there are no squeaky hinges on the doors or cracks in the walls and ceilings, touch up the paint, etc. You want buyers to notice how great the home looks and feel comforted by the fact the property has been maintained.


Outdoors: Make a great first impression by tidying up your curb appeal and entryway. Pull weeds, trim hedges, and mow the lawn. If you don’t have an already landscaped space, you can still liven things up by adding a curated selection of potted plants or flower boxes. You should also remove any clutter such as hoses, trash bins, or hiding that unsightly air condition unit.


Keep in mind that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your home stand out to buyers. The object is simply to attract prospects by flattering your home and highlighting key areas you most want shown while staging in a manner that will attract a wide field of buyers. For more help with staging your home for sale, I’m here to help!

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