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6 Fun & Safe Halloween Activities You Can Still Do this Year!

There’s no doubting, Halloween is a near perfect occasion! The opportunity to dress up in costumes, eat loads of treats and decorate your home spookily only comes around once a year and it’s surely a time to anticipate for many kids and adults! Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still a matter of concern and your annual Halloween traditions may need to be adapted to adhere to current restrictions we live under. Ironically enough, Halloween doesn’t have to be an occasion to fear this year! There are still so many ways families and friends can celebrate this fun occasion and keep public safety a top priority!

Decorate Pumpkins and Try Halloween Crafts! Carving pumpkins is an excellent option for families and a timeless Halloween tradition! Instead of trick-or-treating this year, have this be a fun activity you and your kids can do together. Make it a team effort and have your children outline the faces and patterns on the pumpkins while you do the carving. Place a candle in the pumpkins to complete your Jack-o’-lantern or go solar or battery powered with your lantern options to be extra safe! You can also take things a step further and find some spooky and creative craft ideas on Instagram and Pinterest and organize a candy and crafts nights with your kids too!

Themed Movie Night or Virtual Watch Party! Depending on your choice of film, whether it be a silly Halloween classic like ‘Hocus Pocus’ or a terrifying horror film like ‘Halloween,’ watching a movie with friends and family is a fun and safe Halloween activity. Settle in with some popcorn and sweets and watch the film with those in your household or host a watch party with friends. Most streaming services have a watch party option where you can chat as you watch the film together from the comfort of your own homes.

Have a Costume Party ‘Zoom’ Style or at Home! Who says you can’t still dress up and show off your costume this year? Here’s a fun alternative to going to a party. Wear your costume at home and hop onto a Zoom party with friends. You guys can organize fun online games to play together and enjoy each other’s company via video chat! There’s also no reason your kids can’t still dress up this year. Have a party at home with those in your household where you can decorate and play games at home. Also be sure to stock up on lots of candy and snacks so your children don’t feel like they’re missing out on anything!

Get Cooking! Why not take the opportunity to try out some new Halloween themed recipes! Look for inspiration online, there’s plenty of dishes and desserts that are catered to the occasion that you may want to test out! Food is such a fun and excellent way to get creative and keep things tasty this Halloween! For the kids, why not try a build your own pizza night and see who can come up with the spookiest pie. The same can be done for decorating desserts, just load up on all the fixens and let your kids have at it!

Candy Scavenger Hunt! Take a page out of the Easter Bunny handbook but instead of using Easter eggs, do a candy scavenger hunt at home! Hide the candy and allow your kids to roam from room to room searching for their treats. Depending on how many members you have in your family, you can also do a mini trick-or-treating between rooms as well!

Trick-or-treating Precautions: Assuming trick-or-treating is permitted in your neighborhood this year, be sure you are taking the proper precautions for you and your little ones. While you are outside, still consider wearing a face mask to be extra cautious. This will discourage your children from sneaking snacks before they get home and will help them avoid touching their faces throughout the journey. Also keep costumes simple, avoid itchy face paint and wigs that could blow around, causing your child to fuss and touch their faces. Keep maintaining a six-feet distance from surrounding trick-or-treaters. To make it easier for others to avoid you, do not go out in large clusters of people and do not crowd entryways. Wait at the end of the lot for the group who came before you to make their exit before approaching a home. Allow those handing out candy to drop the candy directly into your child’s bucket, pillowcase or bag and avoid touching. If someone has placed bowl of candy outside, bring plastic tongs for your child to fish their candy out of the bowl safely and avoid them reaching into a bowl where multiple hands have touched.

It’s important to remember that while COVID-19 should be taken seriously this Halloween, there’s absolutely no reason why your festivities can’t still be made fun! So long as you are practicing proper safety precautions, this Halloween is still an excellent opportunity to break free of your traditional plans and get creative to make it a night to remember!

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