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7 Ways to Make Any Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Small bedrooms may have a bad wrap for their ‘so-called’ lack of space and claustrophobic feel, but when decorated the right way a small bedroom can not only be cozy, but can be made to look surprisingly more spacious also! It’s all about making the right décor choices to open up the space and maximize it’s potential and with that said, here 7 sure fire ways to make any small bedroom look bigger!

Install Mounted Lights: A great way to clear space in the bedroom is opting for mounted bedside fixtures as opposed to lamps that can clutter dressers and nightstands or even corners of a room. It also does away with those tangled power cords piling up on the floor and makes everything appear neater and more organized.

Use Built-in Storage: By utilizing built-in storage such as bookshelves or dressers you manage to keep eyes trailed upward, creating the illusion of a larger room with higher ceiling. At the same time, you free up a ton of space. You can also create a sense of symmetry by placing these dressers on either side of your bed, highlighting what you want in the center of the room and making it a fixture piece, but also making it appear smaller in the grander scheme of the space.

Go Minimalist with your Design: Minimalist is a term that essentially means, ‘living with less,’ and by pitching items that no longer bring you joy or are just too large for a space, you can open your small bedroom up to a world of new design opportunities. You don’t need to fill a space entirely to make it look gorgeous, instead opt for smaller and sleek pieces that accent a room nicely and try to free up the space by scaling down on the clunky and cumbersome furniture.

Paint the Room entirely in a Light, Airy Tone: Dark colours are known to close off a room, making it appear smaller. Avoid this pitfall altogether and paint the entire room in one light, airy tone that will brighten the space and make it appear fresh and open. White paint is the recommended go to shade, as it’s clean and sleek finish will make any room appear larger and more crisp!

Use Furniture with Legs: Legged furniture not only has a classic touch but it’s also a great way to make rooms appear larger by elevating the furniture off the ground and giving the space a more enlarged and open appearance.

Add Mirrors: Not only are the necessary for getting ready each day, but adding mirrors creates the illusion of a larger space by reflecting light across the room, making it appear bigger and brighter! It’s as simple as that!

Now that you know 7 simple ways to make any small room look bigger, you can start applying these design tips to your own small bedroom! You’ll be astounded by the impact a few simple décor changes will make in opening up the space! Need more guidance on how to get started? I’m here to help!

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