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8 Easy Ways to Make Your Christmas Tree More Magical

December is here and that means it’s time to get your Christmas tree decorated! There are so many ways to take your tree to the next level and we’ve narrowed down the top 8 ways to present your tree at its full and festive potential!

Fluff your tree branches: This one is for all you artificial tree enthusiasts! You wouldn’t find a pine tree in the wild with the branches all facing one direction, would you? Course not. So, one-way to give your tree more natural look is by fluffing the individual pine branches in opposite and random directions. Your tree is made to look more full and lively this way and is given more body when decorated.


Create the perfect base: Whether it’s the planter of a real tree or the stand of a fake one, neither looks particular festive or attractive when exposed. A great way to maintain the elegance and aesthetic of your Christmas tree is by creating a gorgeous base at the foot of your tree. One way to do this is by constructing a cardboard box around the tree stand and then hot gluing the base with your choice of either fabric or gift wrap paper. Our suggestion is to use burlap. Burlap is durable and provides a festive finish to your tree. If you’d rather not go the DIY route, you can also use a wooden planter or basket for a rustic look and place a large bow in front. To raise your tree and create a sense of hierarchy with your base, you can place your tree stand securely on top of a wooden crate and cover the crate with fabric, as mentioned above. This creates more room for presents under the tree, while keeping ornaments out of reach from toddlers and pets.


Use ornament hooks: Ornament hooks make decorating your tree a breeze. Hooks save you a ton of time from stringing every ornament yourself. They latch perfectly onto branches and allow your ornaments to suspend more naturally between the pines. Hooks also make it easier to hang garland and tinsel more evenly throughout your tree.


Fill in the gaps: One of the easiest ways to fill in the gap with Christmas trees is using either tinsel or garland. Tinsel reflects beautifully with Christmas lights, while garland provides a more blended appearance and makes the tree itself look more full and lively. You can also use decorative stems or berry bunches to fill in gaps in the tree. They are great for placing inside and between stems to bring a sense of natural imperfection to your tree while at the same time adding more shimmer, elegance and dimension!


Place your tree in a corner: Some prefer the grand appeal of placing a tree in the centre of a room, but this can make a room appear smaller and the tree to actually be cumbersome and awkward during a family get together. We suggest placing your tree in a cozy nook or corner. This opens your living space to allow a comfortable gathering around the tree. Also, by placing your Christmas tree in the corner, you can save on effort and ornaments by not fully decorating the back. This way you can fill your tree with more lights by zigzagging the strings of lights from one side to the other, rather than fully around. You can also use way more special ornaments on the front facing side so you can properly feature what you most want shown, while saving older and more worn ornaments for closer to the back.


Use Ribbon: Ribbon is wonderful decorative element for any Christmas tree because it gives your tree a gift-wrapped appearance. There are many ways to use ribbon when decorating your tree, it really comes down to personal tastes. You can start from the top and hanging the ribbon down so that it flows over the sides of your tree and makes it appear taller. You can spool ribbon around the tree. You can get large bows and disperse them throughout the tree at random, or you can cut the ribbon into smaller strips and tuck them in and out between gaps in the branches to create swoops. Finally you can also tie the ribbon into a large bow as a tree topper!


Light It Up: A Christmas tree is not a Christmas tree without twinkly lights, and we mean a lot of them! The general rule of thumb is 100 lights for every foot-and-a-half of tree but of course this varies. Soft while lights never cease to impress at Christmas time and are very classy and warm, while multi-coloured lights offer a more playful appearance. You can also mix and match light options and add different size bulbs or LED ornaments. Candle lanterns (with battery powered candles) placed around the tree brings an added element of luminance also!


Feature Your Unique Ornaments: We all love the standard Christmas bulbs and shimmery ornaments, but to really give your tree some love, consider featuring unique ornaments with a little more character! Small toys, children’s crafts, tiny Christmas figurines and special memorabilia and notes, are just a few suggestions for adorable ornaments that should be featured proudly! A fun practice is having each member of the family add a new and special ornament of their own for that year. It’s a fun way to personalize your tree and bring everyone together! Keep in mind though, special ornaments (especially fragile ones) – should be featured closer to the top of a tree to avoid accidentally being knocked down and broken.

Now that you’re aware of 8 ways to take your tree to the next level, you can pop on the Christmas music, get those cookies baking and decorate to your hearts content! For more Christmas tree inspirations or if you have any questions regarding your real estate needs, I’m here to help!

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