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A Pet Owner’s Checklist for Buying a Home

When purchasing a home there are many factors to take into consideration, but if you’re a pet owner you’ll understand the needs of your animals are particularly important when house hunting! ‘Pet-friendly’ doesn’t always apply to every home or area, and that’s why we’ve compiled a checklist of top considerations every pet owner should look out for when shopping for a new home!

  1. Check Local Pet Laws: Pet laws vary depending on the specific province or city you reside in, so you’ll want to check the local pet laws for all areas you are looking to buy. Laws can have restrictions based on the type of animal, the breed or even the number of pets permitted in a given home, so to avoid hassle, inquire about restrictions with your local Homeowners Association, the condo board and general city or province laws. Doing your due diligence ahead of time will ensure your animal will be no doubt be a welcomed addition to the neighbourhood!

  1. Proximity to Pet Services: Location is key when buying a home as a pet owner. The wellbeing of our pets is always a top priority and that’s why close proximity to a dependable veterinary clinic and a 24hr veterinary service is an important factor to consider when purchasing a home. You’ll also want to consider your proximity to pet supply stores and other services such as groomers, especially if your animal is higher maintenance.

  1. Fenced Yard: One of the most important factors to consider when buying a home is whether the home has fenced yard. A fenced yard is excellent to have especially for rambunctious animals such as dogs or cats. Having a fenced yard keeps your animals corralled, but still with the freedom to roam under supervision. Fences also work to keep other wildlife out and keep your pets safe from interactions with potentially dangerous predators.

  1. Is the Neighbourhood Built Pet Friendly: Certain pets, particularly dogs, need a lot of outdoor time and that’s why you’ll want to find a location that has access to a number of pet friendly amenities. Look for a home in a neighbourhood with good walking trails, sidewalks, dog parks, and access to plenty of green space to keep your pup active and entertained!

  1. Flooring: Let’s all say it together, “carpet and pets just don’t mix!” If you have a pet that sheds or even an animal that is still house training, than finding a home with hardwood floors, tile or laminate makes tidying a breeze! Also if you’re worried about your animal potentially scratching up your flooring, you can opt for a darker finish or use reclaimed wood to mask some of the imperfections a pet may leave behind!

  1. Layout: When purchasing a home, you’ll have to take into consideration the size of your pets, as well as the number of pets you have to determine how large of a space you’ll need. Is there enough room for toys, a dog bed, a cat tree? The last thing you want is to feel cramped by your pets and their accessories. An open-concept layout with plenty of room for larger pets and curious felines ensures you and your pets can roam the home stress free. Lastly, consider whether or not your dogs can regularly traverse up and down stairs, this especially pertains to older dogs. If you opt for a home with a multi-level layout, dog proof the stairs with a carpet runner to ensure your animal does not slip or injury itself.

No that you’re away of 6 considerations for every pet owner searching for a new home, you can be rest assured your new home will be the perfect, pet-friendly space for you and your adorable critters!

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