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A Seller’s Guide to Listing in the Fall

Summer is almost over and that means the fall market is getting nearer! While summertime may seem like the obvious time to sell, the fall season can sill be a great time for Sellers’ to list. As long as Sellers understand how to make their homes’ ‘FOR SALE’ sign standout amid the gorgeous autumn foliage, they are sure to attract motivated Buyers looking to make a transition in life. We’ve created a full guide on what to expect while selling in the fall to help guide Sellers through the Autumn market.

Advantages & Disadvantages to Selling in the Fall: Before making the decision to list in the fall, it’s important Sellers understand what advantages and disadvantages to expect. Let’s begin with the advantages. When selling your home in the fall you are likely to end up with more motivated and serious buyer pool. Buyers looking to purchase in the fall are those who are often in transitional periods of their life, either moving to a new city or starting a new job. They need to find a home fast and therefore are more likely to make an offer. Additionally, moving in the winter can often feel like a pain for Buyers so purchasing a home before the weather gets too cold and being able to settle down before the holidays, is a huge draw for Buyers. Fewer homes on the market also means there is less competition and that your home has a better chance of standing out to Buyers! As for the disadvantages, while fewer homes are on the market this also means fewer Buyers are looking for homes. Your home may be on the market longer than anticipated, which could lead to a listing leading into the holiday season. But don’t fret! There are plenty of ways to avoid these pitfalls and ensure your home gets sold fast and for the best price in the Fall season!

List Now: We’re already well into September so if you haven’t listed already, stop the humming and hawing and get your home listed ASAP! As winter closes in, active Buyers are much less prominent so it’s best to get your home sold in the early stages of the fall season rather than waiting and potentially losing out on that Buyer pool.

Lean into Autumn Curb Appeal: Craft an Autumn curb appeal with season accessories and décor like wreathes and flower boxes with season floral. Orange or yellow chrysanthemums add a gorgeous and fresh feel to the home. Add warm outdoor lighting to highlight your home’s best features since sunset occurs sooner in the Fall months. Also be sure to keep your yard clean. Rid your lawn of fallen leaves and debris, and tend to overgrown vegetation, shrubbery and grass on a regular basis.

Take Photos Now: Our best advice is to take photos of your home in the summer, while flowers are still in bloom and the grass is still fresh. That said; if you have to take photos in the fall, don’t fret! Before the weather transitions from crisp and cool to rainy and dreary, you can still take gorgeous photos! At its peak early stages, Autumn is inarguably one of the most picturesque and gorgeous seasons of the year! The changing leaves add warmth and cosiness to your home while keeping things festive and lively!

Make Repairs: Have a home inspection performed on the home and determine where repairs need to be made before you sell. The last thing you want is for a Buyer to walk into a cold home because your HVAC system is not in working order or because a draft is peaking through cracks in the window. Check your HVAC system and ensure the air inside your home is fresh and filtered and that your interior is warm and cozy! Clean windows and calk any cracks. Rid vents of any dust or debris and seal your ducts. Also be sure to rid you gutters of any debris and check the roof for any areas that may be in need of repair.

Price Competitively: It’s important to price your home strategically and competitively, especially in a less bustling market where your home needs all the appeal it can get! Armed with first hand market savvy and knowledge of comparable sales in your area, the agent you hire should be well equipped to list your home with a suitable price that is sure to earn you the best possible reward.

Stage Your Home to Fit the Season: Think warm and cozy when staging your home and find ways to appeal to a Seller’s indulgent side. Autumn hues and accents are an excellent way to draw Buyers in. Red and gold pillows can dress up a couch or bedspread. A cozy quilt or soft throw tossed over a chair or couch can also give a home a comforting feel. Use seasonal flowers in a vase around the home. Fill the home with festive and yummy scents, either by using candles or preparing sweet treats with a homely feel, like hot apple cider or cinnamon and pumpkin baked goods before a showing!

Hire an Agent to Market Your Home: Finding an agent who knows how to market your home (in the off-season especially) is the most valuable asset to selling your home. A reputable and proven agent knows how to navigate the market, and how to utilize various marketing tools to get the best price for a home. A good home marketing campaign should include professional photography and videography of the home, a virtual reality tour of the home (including a 3D virtual display), advanced social media advertising, website marketing, professional staging, feature sheets and unmatched negotiation skills! If you’re looking for the right agent to market your home, I’m here to help!

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