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DIY Decorating Ideas for your Kid’s Room!

Are you thinking about redecorating your child’s room, but don’t want to settle for the typical unremarkable décor you’d find in stores? Fret not, there is plenty of fun and aesthetically cool DIY options that not only give your children the freedom to be more creative, but also to make the space their own! We think you’ll love these six uber trendy, colourful and artistic ideas to spruce up you kids’ rooms!

Pebble Portraits: Not only can you source these materials from nature, but pebbles are a great way to stimulate the imagination by having your children use them to depict scenes and figures on canvas and framing their finished work. Pebbles comes in all shapes, sizes and colours, and really are just natures building blocks! You and your kids can create just about any artwork you want. You don’t need to stop with just pebbles either, twigs, greenery, leaves, flowers and more can all be used! Be sure that when gluing the pebbles, an adult is always present to handle the glue gun. Another option is painting directly onto larger stones with acrylic paint and filling in finer details with paint pens! It’s completely up to you!

Design your Own Wall Prints: For those who have trouble with drawing, there are plenty of design resources out there that are user friendly and simple to work with. My personal favourite is Canva. Canva is an excellent site that provides many free and valuable images and resources to help you create your own designs and can be formatted how you choose. You can also upload your creations to the site! Sit down with your kids at the computer and try making a design together, then print it out and frame it! It’s as simple as that!

Make your own Terrarium in a Jar: Terrariums are super easy to make and a great way to liven up any room with a touch of nature! Depending on whether you’ll have an open or closed terrarium, determines what kind of plant you’ll need to purchase and how much sun exposure they may require. But you’ll be glad to know that once made, terrariums not only look super cool and enchanting but are also very low maintenance and easy to take care of which makes them a great option for kids! You’ll need these few materials to make your terrarium such as: a glass jar or vase, gravel, pebbles, moss, potting soil, moss, activated charcoal (IMPORTANT for closed terrariums to balance bacteria growth), and any other natural materials you may want to include. There are tons of resources online that can teach you exactly how to assemble your terrarium and keep it long lasting!

Make a Chalkboard or Cork board Wall: What better way to foster you’re child’s imagination than dedicating an entire wall to their creations! In order to make a chalkboard wall, you’ll need to do some prep work first, making sure the wall has been smoothed and primed before applying the chalkboard paint. Remember to apply at least 2-4 coats of the paint. The fun thing is you can find chalkboard paint in many colours, you aren’t just limited to black! It’s a great and colourful way to spruce up a room! Another option is installing cork boards into the wall. Assuming your child is old enough to handle the pins, a cork board wall is a great way to encourage the creation of inspiration boards. Your child can create collages of all their favourite things in one place! Stuff that they love or that inspires them!

Skateboard Shelf Hack: If you’re child is a skateboard hobbyist, try incorporating their talent into a cool hack! One idea is recycling old skateboards or long boards into shelves! It looks awesome and keeps theme with your child’s interests!

Make a Mobile out of Paper Art: Assemble your mobile by gluing a couple of larger branches from outside together and trying some of your child’s drawings to them so they dangle loosely. You can also find some great paper art ideas, such as paper tulips and birds to make and attach! This colourful piece of art is a great fixture to suspend from the ceiling, window or above a bed and adds so much character to a room!

It’s easy to get caught up in decorating our child’s room to perfection and forgetting that their bedroom should first and foremost be their haven of creativity! Try out some of these DIY decorating ideas with your kids and see how they like it! By letting your child have a say in how they want things, it is a great way to bond, have fun and give them the freedom of expression they deserve!

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