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Easy DIY Basement Makeover Ideas

A basement doesn’t have to be a dull and cold space you only utilize for storage. In fact with a few DIY makeovers, and assuming you’re basement is already finished, you can transform your basement into a cozy living space with endless potential and boosted value!


Use Area Rugs: You don’t have to expensively replace the flooring in your basement to homey up the space. Instead, area rugs are a great option to bring texture, geometry and warmth to the room. You can use one sprawling area rug for larger rooms or more than one area rug to feature areas of interest within the basement, such as the lounging area or a work space.


Declutter by Adding Storage: Utilize storage by adding tasteful shelving units to the space and investing in storage bins that can be used to easily tuck away any off-season objects. Having more options to organize your things will also help prevent you from stock piling the clutter and will open your space to appear larger and more liveable.

Lighting: It’s no surprise that with little to no windows in the space, your a basement can appear dark and dreary. Adding some lighting to the room can make a world of difference and transform the room to create a more inviting and cozy ambiance! Some affordable options include pot lights, or even string lights for a rustic look and great option to light the entire space!


Revitalize Walls by Painting: Painting is a sure-fire way to liven up any space, including a basement! If necessary, start by removing any unsightly wallpaper and makeover the walls with a colour palette that will brighten the room and freshen things up. You can even paint over concrete and cinder block walls and you’d be surprised by how greatly it’ll transform the look of your basement. Keep in mind that painting an entire basement can be costly if the room is larger, so if you need to pick and choose, choose an accent wall or an area of interest such a guest bedroom, to start!


Room Dividers or Curtains: If you have one large basement but want to divide the room into multiple spaces, for say an additional bedroom, or work space, try adding curtains or room dividers. Curtains or room dividers can add more aesthetic appeal than walls in some cases and work great to define a space. They can also be used to hide any unsightly areas of the basements, for instance the laundry room or a part of the basement or parts of the basement that may still remain unfinished.


Plants: Bring life to the basement (literally) by adding some greenery to the space. While many basements cans be too dark for plants to thrive, there are a surprising number of greenery plants that actually flourish in low light conditions and will work perfectly for a basement space. Plants are also excellent for encouraging airflow within a space, which is great for basements, considering they have a reputation for being dank and cold. With a little research as to what plants suit best, you can have your basement feeling and looking lively in no time!

Artwork & Frames: This really comes down to personal taste, but adding touches of artwork to a space can really gussy up drab walls and make a room appear more colourful and transformed. Even some colourful or tasteful picture frames with family photos, strategically shelved or hung up can bring warmth and homeyness to a once tired looking space.


Utilize Corner Space: If you’re having trouble figuring out what to do with an underutilize corner of your basement, try transforming the section into a workable space, like a creative corner for artwork, sewing, crafts, or even a mini office space! You don’t need an entire studio to get the job done and you’d be surprised how a small nook, or designated work station with the right makeover can inspire you!


Now that you know a few easy and affordable DIY ideas to makeover your basement, you can get started into transforming the space into what you’ve always dreamed! Need more guidance on how to get your DIY basement makeover started, I’m here to help!

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