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How to Start Winterizing Your Home Now!

As the winter months start closing in, now’s the most ideal time to start winterizing your house to ensure you’ll stay warm and cozy all throughout the snowy and frigid season. To make things easier here’s a complete list of exactly what to tackle around your home before the temperature starts dropping.

Caulk & Weather Strip: The first thing you want to do is to check all entrances and windows for any gaps, cracks or leaks. Use caulking to seal up any areas that need special attention. This will help save on your heating bill by keeping the warmth sealed inside. Depending on the size of a crack, you can also use weather stripping to cover up smaller drafts.

Insulate Your Attic: Consider adding some extra insulation in the attic where heat rises and can easily escape if not properly insulated. Be sure to use the appropriate insulation for the situation, especially if you are placing new insulation on top of old layers. You’ll want to find something that won’t trap moisture between the two layers and potentially cause mould to grow.

Clean Gutters & Have Your Roof Inspected: Before it starts snowing, clear your gutter troughs of any leaves and debris to be certain that water from the elements won’t collect on your rooftop or freeze and cause damage to your foundation. While you’re at it, you should consider having your roof inspected to check for any damage to your shingles that may also need attention.

Inspect Your Furnace & Change Filters: Aerate and test your furnace out and if necessary, have a professional make repairs as soon as possible. You should also be changing your furnace filters every 3 months in the winter months to ensure your furnace’s airflow is not hindered by dirt.

Drain The Pipes: You should drain water from all outdoor pipes and hoses to prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting. If this happens, it’s a costly repair and can cause a great deal of hassle, especially in the colder months.

Insulate Your Pipes: This inexpensive and easy to install step is a great way to prevent your pipes from freezing and also works wonders at keeping water warm inside the pipes for longer. You can find specifically made pipe insulation at your local hardware store that slips right onto the pipes like a sleeve!

Reverse the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans: This may seem like a trivial and silly step, but reversing the direction of your ceiling fans actually works to circulate warm air downwards to properly warm a room.

Now that you know these easy-to-do steps to winterizing your home, doing so will be a breeze! You’ll no doubt be nice and toasty by the time the first snowfall arrives! Need more advice on how to prepare your home for the winter months? I can help!


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