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Keeping Yourself Entertained In Isolation

With the widespread pandemic of Covid-19 continuing to be a growing concern in Canada and across the world, it’s at least good to see everyone doing their parts and self-distancing to prevent the virus from spreading. That said, most people aren’t used to spending so much time in self-quarantine and let’s be honest, it’s hard not to get a little stir crazy not knowing how to fill all this newfound free time. But don’t fret! There’s still plenty of fun activities you can do right at home to keep yourself entertained.

Check out my suggestions for battling the quarantine blues and managing your stress!

  1. Stay Active. With gyms being a hot spot place to spread germs, it’s not surprising locations have closed their doors all across Ontario. Not being able to visit the gym doesn’t have to deter you from staying active. Though equipment may be limited, we’re lucky enough to be living in the internet age where many other resources are still available. For instance, you can take an online dance course! Or, tune into some home workouts and Yoga routines on YouTube. Yoga is a great way to stay grounded in this stressful time. Remember to still get some fresh air. While officials encourage everyone to stay home and avoid public gatherings, it’s still okay to take a walk or go for a run to clear your head and remind yourself you aren’t in prison!
  2. Read! Read! Read! Need an adventure? Whatever your genre of preference is, reading is a great way to keep your brain busy and take a literary journey! Not sure what to read? I suggest starting a Goodreads or Amazon account. Both are great sites to get recommendations and reviews on what books might spark your interest.
  3. Take Up Drawing or Painting: Maybe you’re a natural artist or a beginner just interested in learning, no matter your skill level, drawing and painting is a fun and creative way to pass the time during quarantine. The nice thing is there are no rules to creativity! Whether you’re doodling in your notebook, painting a masterpiece, or aiming to improve your art skills through YouTube tutorials, the skies the limit where art is concerned!
  4. Streaming & Netflix Chat Parties! Streaming entertainment never gets old! So why not take this time to tune into your preferred streaming services and barrel through your ‘MUST WATCH’ list of TV series’ and films. If there were anytime to guilt-free binge watch a show, I’d say now’s appropriate. Also, being in quarantine doesn’t mean you have to give up movie night with friends and family. A fun way to stay connected and still hang with your peeps is by organizing a Netflix chat party! Basically, you and a group of friends can simultaneously watch a film together and from comfort of your own homes, commentate with a group chat as your watching! It’s actually super fun and everyone really gets into the spirit of it.
  5. Board Games & Puzzles. Boards games are an ideal way to stay entertained. A little friendly competition can be refreshing among family members and roommates and will help to keep things light and playful in the household. A complicated puzzle is also a great mental exercise that you can tackle either on your own or with others, to keep yourself alert and on your toes.
  6. Start Learning a New Language. A new language is not likely to be mastered in the span of a few weeks or months of quarantine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start learning anyway! Learning a new language takes patience and dedication, but with so much spare time, now’s the perfect opportunity to dive right in. You can download a language app, hire an online tutor or join an online language exchange to help you on your learning path.
  7. Writing and/or Journaling. Whether you have a million best-selling ideas swirling around in your mind, or you’re just trying to organize your personal thoughts, why not write them down and see what happens? Writing is not only an excellent creative outlet but also a great way to stay in tune with yourself and all your glorious capabilities!
  8. Playing Video Games: Video games can definitely be a fun pass time and there’s often a style or genre that appeals to everyone. You can download games right onto your phone or play from the comfort of your PC or gaming system at home. A multiplayer game is great for families to play together, online games can be played between friends and you can also stay active and exercise with games like Just Dance and Ring Fit!
  9. Listen to Music. Music is undoubtedly one of humankind’s greatest inventions! It can elevate you to some of the highest emotional levels and tell raw and beautiful stories in the best kind of way. Sometimes just listening to music and soaking it in, is all you need to do to pass the time. Take this time in quarantine and deep dive into some of your forgotten favs, create your own personal quarantine playlist on Spotify, have a personal dance party and discover some new music along the way!
  10. Learn or Practice an Instrument. Remember that old guitar or ukulele stashed away in the closet that you’ve barely touched? No matter what held you back then, now’s the time to bust out that forgotten instrument and familiarize yourself with it! It’s easy to find lessons online and you’d be surprised what you could learn in a dedicated afternoon…or in this case, a few weeks or months of quarantine!
  11.  Meditate. It’s important to stay informed about Co-vid, but doing so can also be very daunting. To help reduce your stress and refocus your thoughts, you can try meditation. The amazing thing about mediation is that you can do it anywhere, which makes it a perfect at home activity! Not only has it been said to ease tension and anxiety, but it also increases your self-awareness, and spatial awareness, helping you to feel more relaxed by your surroundings.
  12. Don’t Take Yourself to Seriously! As adults, it’s hard to remember not to take ourselves to seriously. Having extra time can sometimes feel like a burden because we’re always striving to fill it. We never want to feel like times been wasted. But you aren’t a wind up toy. Sometimes you just won’t be in the mood or have the motivation to keep being productive and that’s okay! You don’t have to tackle a million and one activities today. You can lie on the couch and do absolutely nothing. You can be grumpy about it, but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t learn to play the ukulele or start writing the next bestselling novel today. We’re all human and we’re going to have good and bad days. Do your best in this time and try to have fun too. Most importantly, remember you’re not alone in this! An entire world is in the exact same boat as you. Though just in case you need a reminder, you can go ahead and call your friends and family and compare all your quarantine fumbles.
    I hope you found this list helpful and I’m wishing you a safe and healthy quarantine! Remember to stay home, stay safe and wash your hands. Together we can flatten the curve!

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