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Moving to the Waterloo Region? Here’s What to Expect

If you’re considering moving to the Waterloo region, you might be asking yourself what this area has to offer. Rest assured, the KW region is a lively and active municipality, with plenty to do in any one of its major cities or townships! But to make the decision a little easier, here’s what you can expect in relocating.

Location & Lifestyle: The Waterloo region is conveniently situated near the GTA, with Toronto roughly only 130 kilometers away (give or take depending on which KW city you reside in). The Tri-cities (Cambridge, Kitchener & Waterloo) are all medium size and necessities (groceries, entertainment, gas, work, etc.) are all within reasonable commuting distance. While the suburbs offer privacy and comfort, without the overwhelming congestion of a metropolis. Additionally you can count on beautiful parks & walking trails, lakes and nearby scenic spaces, a diverse and friendly assemblage of locals & affordable housing to boot! Not to mention with a number of top-ranking elementary schools and post-secondary institutions in the province including University of Waterloo, any area of the KW region is an excellent area to live and raise a family.

Entertainment & Events: The most notable draw for both locals and tourists is the St. Jacob’s Farmers Market in St. Jacob’s village. This booming market of local vendors is seriously fun to visit and is the place to find delicious food and mouthwatering homemade goodies! There’s also a ton of annual and festive events, including Kitchener’s Christkindle Market, Canada Day in Downtown Kitchener & the ever-popular Waterloo Octoberfest are just a few to name. Not to mention if you’re a fan of sports, you’ll want to catch an energizing OHL game in support of our very own, Kitchener Rangers! The hockey games are always great fun for family and friends. There’s also plenty of day-to-day shopping and entertainment to find here in the KW region from malls to movie theatres & a bustling Waterloo nightlife scene, with tons of great bars and restaurants to appeal to students!

Public Transit: A great perk of moving to the KW region is how easy it is to navigate via public transit. The GRT bus program (Grand River Transit) is widespread across the tri-cities with easy-to-follow routes, and busses running around the clock to meet the demand of the populous. This is especially invaluable for students commuting between campus, work, and home. Not to mention the region has just incorporated a newly built LRT system, which makes daily errands easier than ever!

Job Opportunities: The city of Waterloo is helmed a technology nucleus of Ontario, Canada. Additionally, many large companies are choosing to designate the KW as their place of headquarters, and with the city continuing to flourish and grow its business potential, job offers are plentiful! This means a low unemployment rate, and tons of opportunity in all employment sectors.

Now that you are aware of some of the amazing perks and infinite possibilities to live and thrive in the Waterloo Region, you can start planning your move with confidence! There’s just so much this amazing region has to offer, but the only way to find out is through lived experience! Need more help in coming to a decision and deciding which KW city or township is right for you? Call or email me today!






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