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Preparing Your Home for the Spring Market

The demand for optimal real estate is at its highest in the spring, when buyers are most eager and actively searching for a new home. So, with spring right around the corner, now’s the time to start preparing your home for the busy spring market. Here’s how to do it!

  1. Let there be light: An easy way to get your home ready for sale is by improving the lighting situation. Buyers want to be able to see exactly what your home has to offer, and that means brightening up each room. Introduce the space to natural lighting by opening curtains and blinds and cleaning the windows so they’re spotless, less cloudy and allow sunlight to shine in! Before a showing, make sure no lamps or lights are burnt out and turn on all the lights in the home to make things extra bright.
  2. Spring Clean & Declutter: You’ll want to tidy your home and maintain its cleanliness for as long as your home is on the market. It’s important not to miss all the nooks and crannies while cleaning by making sure you’re dusting and wiping down surfaces you might otherwise forget. Things like baseboards, ceiling fans, vents, wall corner, mirrors and counter tops are all dust and cobweb magnets and will need some extra love. As I already mentioned, wash your windows to make them shine! You’ll also want to organize and declutter your home by replacing personal knickknacks with neutral decor and tidying your closets and storage spaces.
  3. Boost Your Curb Appeal: Tidying the exterior of your home is just as important as the interior. Making repairs and tastefully landscaping are key ways to appeal to prospective buyers and get your home sold for an optimal price. You can check out my past blog post on How to Boost Curb Appeal in order to learn the best ways to make your home look great in the eyes of buyers.
  4. Replace Outdated Items & Repair Anything Broken: Do a full walk-through of the entire home and take inventory of all fixtures and appliances that either need to be updated or fixed. Now’s the time to get started on the minor home improvements that may keep you from getting your home listed right away in the spring. Replace any dated ceiling fixtures, doorknobs and other hardware so your home will look more modern and appealing to buyers. Make all the necessary repairs both indoors and outdoors and keep up to date on maintenance so your home stays buyer ready for the spring market!
  5. Repaint: A buyer wants to envision themselves living in the home you’ve put up for sale. That said, a great way to appeal to buyers is by ditching the vibrant colors that may not necessarily appeal to the buyers’ market. Repainting your home with neutral tones and pastels is like presenting a buyer with a blank canvas. They have all the potential in the world to make your home their own, and that’s what will effectually draw them in!
  6. Wash Floors and Deodorize: Mop your floors and consider hiring a cleaning service to shampoo any carpeted rooms in your home. If you don’t think a full carpet cleaning is necessary, do a thorough spot clean instead. We all love our pets, but if they shed, you’ll also want to make sure you’re vacuuming, cleaning cages and litter boxes regularly. Also, before showings wash your linens, open the windows to let some fresh air inside and perhaps light some seasonal scented candles or even better…fill your home with fresh greenery and flowers!
  7. Staging your home: Think about storing away or rearranging furniture to really open-up the space in a room. You can also add some aesthetic touches by visiting your local home décor store. Items like, vases, frames, throw pillows, candles, plants, fruits and so much more can all be utilized to accessorize your home. Some realtors will offer staging services for you, but you can also find inspiration online. Remember to keep things simple, so your home looks crisper and more inspiring. ***Tip a bowl of lemons is always a great and easy way to add a pop of colour to your kitchen!Now that you know how to prepare your home for the spring market, it’s time to get started! Need some extra guidance? Contact me today and I can help!

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