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Staging Your Basement Before a Listing

To some Sellers, staging the basement may appear to be a low priority when preparing your home for sale. However, demonstrating the practicality and versatility of a basement through proper staging can be another great way to draw in Buyers and allow them to see the space for all it has to offer! There are many ways to simply stage your basement for sale and we’ve listed the top ways to prep your home for sale below to help you down the right path to success.


Declutter the Space: With any room, when it comes to staging the easiest way to make a huge difference is to declutter the space. This is especially true for the basement, since often a basement can become a storage room, piling clutter high over many years. Clean up the basement by sorting through any neglected storage and getting rid of what you no longer use or need. With what’s left behind, arrange items neatly by investing in storage containers and shelving units to keep everything organized. You can also consider storing these items out of sight and out of mind, in a rental storage unit for as long as your house is on the market. The clearer your basement is of clutter, the clearer a Buyer can picture themselves in the home.


Repaint the Walls: Basements can appear dark and dreary and that’s why repainting the space in a bright and light colour can really make all the difference. Stick to neutrals when painting your basement. The colour white is safe and reliable and always works to freshen up a space, but if you’re inclined toward colour then stick to a cooler lighter palette that is likely to make the space feel more airy and open. Painting is also a great way to reawaken dark brick and dated laminate!


Stage with a Purpose: One of the best ways to stage your basement is by repurposing the space for a particular use. For example, if you have workout equipment you can stage the room to appear like a functional home-gym. Other examples include staging your basement as a games/play room or a media room. By adding a crafts table you can also create the illusion of a creative workspace. Depending on the size of your basement, you can even stage the space to be used multi-functionally by staging a lounge on one end of the room, and a spare bedroom on the other. This greatly appeals to Buyers looking to have a cozy space for regular guests to stay.

Introduce More Light: Since a basement has very little natural light, the best way to light up the space is by installing ceiling light fixtures and adding additional lamps to the space. Don’t add so much that the space appears cluttered, but rather cleverly place lamps in corners and on surface areas where they can highlight areas of interest. Make sure all lights are turned on during showings. Ceiling pot lights also work excellently to disperse light across the space. Rid the basement windows of any debris or obstructions and keep curtains open wide to allow any natural light to filter in.


Filter the Basement’s Airflow: Be sure your basement does not smell of moisture or have mould. If this is something of concern, be sure to address this issue right away. Deep clean the entire basement and circulate airflow by running a fan throughout the day and opening windows to encourage natural airflow. You can also invest in a dehumidifier for your basement.


Stage the Laundry Room: Many homes have the laundry room situated in the basement. This room is often dark, windowless and dreary and can be a big turn off for Buyers if it doesn’t appear to fully accommodate the needs of the family. In this case, the best method of staging for a laundry room is simply to organize the space. Invest in a good system of organization that will keep your clothing, toiletries, laundry cleaners and supplies and other equipment stored in their own designated area that is easily accessible but tastefully put away. If you need to brighten up the space you can also consider painting the room in a light neutral tone.

Now that you’re aware of the best ways to stage your basement, you can get started in prepping your home for sale! For more help with staging your basement, I’m here to help!

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