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Home Selling Tips You Should Never Overlook

Listing your home for sale takes a great deal of prep and dedication, but with the right guidance and research you won’t overlook a thing! Here’s how to get started!

1. Hire the right agent: The right agent is someone who is fully aware of trends and comparable sales in the area and knows how to aggressively and strategically list your home for sale. They have a proven track record and have keen negotiation and marketing skills to get your home sold for the best possible price. A tech savvy and steadfast agent is the most invaluable asset to selling your home!


2. Make the best first impression: You can only make a first impression once, that’s why it’s so important to never overlook the exterior of your home when prepping it for sale. An attractive curb appeal is your opportunity to capture the attention of potential buyers and draw them into your home right away. Start by tidying your curb appeal by mowing your lawn, trimming hedges, removing weeds and in the fall raking your lawn of leaves. Be sure to also remove any unsightly items such as trash bins, old AC units and toys from the lawn.


3. Remove Pet Mess and Deodorize: We love our pets but not all home Buyers are pet lovers, so be sure to rid your home of any potential pet odour that could deter buyers from purchasing your home. Clean up and hide away kitty litter and food bowls. Also make sure there is no pet hair lying around on the furniture or collecting on surfaces and corners. If the carpet has a lingering pet odour, think about having it professionally cleaned or better yet update the flooring all together. Finally during showings, take your pets for a walk or arrange for a sitter while Buyers tour your home.


4. Utilize Light: One of the tips that consistently comes up when talking with clients who are selling a home is, “light it up!” Clean your windows till they’re bright and sparkling to fully allow light to shine in! Pull up the blinds and open the curtains to utilize natural light. Turn on all lamps and light fixtures so all rooms are bright and open!


5. Depersonalize: Memories are special to us, but they’re also deeply personal and when selling your home it’s a good idea to keep things as close to a blank canvas as possible. Depersonalize your home by storing away memorabilia and family photos and instead use neutral decor pieces; this makes it easier for buyers to imagine themselves living in the home.


6. Organize and free up Storage Space: When touring your home, it’s almost certain that Buyers will make the extra effort to inspect closet space and cabinets. Keep storage organized while your home is listed on the market, and better yet clear up the space by emptying out items and clothing you don’t need.


7. Staging: Staging your home is a great way to showcase each room by arranging furniture and decor to utilize the space and make it appear both functional and aesthetic. Staging is a great way for Buyers to see a home’s full potential before they purchase. Your agent should hire a personal stager or provide staging services to help prepare your home for sale.

8. Fix up and Upgrade: Make small fixes and updates before listing. Instead of focussing on a larger home renovation that could blow your budget, you should focus on affordable updates that are sure to payoff when you sell. Painting, hardware and cabinetry replacement, flooring & window replacements, and most importantly minor kitchen updates are all known to earn excellent ROI.


Now that you’re aware of what not to overlook when preparing your home for sale, you’ll no doubt be ready to place your home on the market and earn yourself the most for what your home is worth! For more advice on how to sell your home for the best possible return, I’m here to help!

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