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Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas to Wow Your Guests!

For those hosting guests this Thanksgiving weekend, it’s easy to become so preoccupied with preparing the perfect Thanksgiving dinner; your table settings might become an afterthought. Trust us when we say, that’s the last thing you want to happen! Adding those personal decorative touches to your table will show your guests you’ve made the effort to make the occasion extra special and festive, and no doubt take your dinner to the next level! Keep reading for 6 stylish and chic table settings tips that are sure to make your guests grin!

Let Nature Inspire You: FLORAL GALORE! Fill your table with a full and bountiful floral arrangement! A mix of warm tones such as orange, red, wine, yellow and brown, are all gorgeous and festive colours that work excellently for mini flower bunches or as bouquet centerpiece! You can accent your bouquets with greenery, pussy willows, gilded pinecones, berries, mini pumpkins or copper candelabrums with candlesticks, for an elegant and nature inspired finish. Garland is also an excellent option to ornament the length of your tablescape and use greenery if that’s what you prefer.

Utilize Pumpkins: Keep your table setting simple by putting together modest centerpieces that include mini-pumpkins and gold painted leaves! Arrange the gold leaves elegantly along the bottom of a glass cake stand and then place 1-4 mini pumpkins in the center of the stand. Finally adorn more leaves between and on top of the pumpkins to top your centerpiece off! It’s a simple, yet gorgeous arrangement that is sure to please! You can also hollow out a full size pumpkin and fill it with bunches of flowers as the centerpiece, and do the same with mini-pumpkins for surrounding vases. Finally, the mini-pumpkins can also be painted with festive tones (gold, copper, red, plumb, cream etc.) and be arranged down the length of your table to accent other décor pieces.

Table Linens: Choose table linens with colours, patterns or designs that embrace the festive thanksgiving season. Floral and paisley embroidery are all very elegant and big hits around this time of year for table linens, however plaid offers a more rustic touch if that is what you’re going for instead! As a tip, if you’d rather not purchase a new plaid table runner or tablecloth, you can also get the same effect with a plaid throw!

Keep it Neutral. Choose neutral tones when choosing your table setting décor. Gold and cream painted pumpkins; gilded pinecones and glass candleholders jars are all wonder pieces. These can all offer a sophisticated touch to your display, when elegantly staged down the length of your table runner. For a soft touch of colour to your neutral setting, you may choose to add bunches of gooseberries in a long vase in the center of the table, or a pastel glaze china display, for softer touch.

Don’t Forget the Little Details: It’s all in the little details with table settings, and that’s why themed napkin rings are a great way to add some extra flare to your table setting! For your cloth napkins, there’s a wide selection of napkin rings you can find at your local home décor or craft store. We personally love these wooden pumpkin napkin rings, or these acorn and leaf bunches. They are festive and nature inspired and truly adorable!

You can also use individual ornaments with a warm greeting card to add a personalized and fun touch that adorns your china! Elegantly placed mini pumpkins or squash, artificial leaves, acorns stems, heck even cute little origami turkeys are all great options and can be mix and matched for the perfect plate arrangement!

Choose a Cool Palette: When you think of thanksgiving, the colours purple or blue may not immediately come to mind. However, you can bring some added life to your table setting by adding in a cooler tone like blue or purple for your main focus, and opt to use either a neutral or classic orange and gold palette for just your accents. This will make everything stand out bolder, and more striking!

Edible Table Arrangement: Who doesn’t like to enjoy some munchies before the big meal? By having an edible arrangement, you not only satisfy waiting guests while you are adding finishing touches on the big thanksgiving meal, but you also add colour and flare to your table! Try to include an array of goodies to choose from, from salty to sweet to savoury, and all with visuals and tastes that compliment each other!

Now that you have some ideas on how to take your table setting to next level, you can start shopping and instantly WOW your guests when they walk through the door!

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