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The Spookiest Ideas for Decorating Your Home for Halloween

Think back to when you were a child trick-or-treating and how exciting it was to walk up to the spookiest households for Halloween! From Jack O’Lanterns, to creepy skulls, and ghoulish dummies to litter your lawn, decorating your home for Halloween is not only fun and festive but also is a great way to put smiles on the faces of trick-or-treaters and their parents! Keep reading for ideas on how to decorate your home for Halloween in a way that’s sure to impress your neighbours.


Zombie & Bones Graveyard: There are quite a few ways to transform your front lawn into makeshift graveyard. Visit the decorations aisle of your local department store and purchase an artificial rot-iron fence. On the fence you can impale zombie heads or skulls. Behind the fence press some fake tombstones into the grass (foam or cardboard work best) and litter the surrounding area with the fake skeletal remains of dead corpses. Finally, top the entire display off with some crows, cobwebs, warning signs and Jack O’Lanterns for and added element of creepiness and glow!


Crashed Witch: To add some humour to your Halloween decorations, pick up some fake witch’s legs. Either stick the legs into the grass or take it to the next level by piling some pumpkins together and sticking the legs in the middle like the witch has just crashed into a pumpkin patch. Finish the look off by breaking a wood broom in half and placing them beside the legs. You could also purchase a full body ‘crashed’ dummy witch and attach her to a tree in your yard or on the side of your home.


Blow Up Display: A blow up display is bold and eye catching! Whether it’s an elaborate blow up monster or a Halloween globe, this decoration is a great way to entertain trick-or-treaters.


Packing Tape Ghost: This amazing DIY project may take some effort and time to put together but the effect is totally worth it! A clear packing tape ghost, when lit from underneath, has a creepy elegance that is totally terrifying and haunting! For more information on how to make a packing tape ghost for yourself, check out this tutorial!


Ring-around-the-Ghosties: All you need are some white sheets or white plastic bags, Styrofoam mannequin heads, wooden rods and either construction paper or a permanent market to add on the ghost features. Construct a few ghosts and peg them in a circle on your lawn, then connect the ghost by tying the corners of their sheets together as if they are holding hands. This equally adorable and sinister decoration is DIY and super easy to execute!


Light up the Night: Create a creepy and wowing light display using colourful LEDS, lanterns and Jack O’Lanterns. Choose deep and saturated colours like red, purple, blue and orange lights and strategically place them to highlight and shadow your decorations in a terrifying manner. You can also create a glowing and menacing multiple Jack O-Lantern display.


Fog Machine: Using a fog machine is a great way to add a dreary and sinister atmosphere to your home. The effect alone works wonders but when paired with scary lighting and props, your home is sure to impress!


Smoky Cauldron: You can create a smoky caldron using dry ice. Be sure to wear gloves and take extra precaution when handling dry ice. Place the dry ice in a cauldron filled with water and allow it to work its magic! You can take the look to the next level by getting some battery-powered lights and placing them inside the cauldron to illuminate the smoke with colour.


Window Hologram: Wouldn’t it be amazing to project a ghost dance party inside your home? Window holograms are beautiful and haunting and always a huge hit for Halloween!! You’ll need a window projection kit to make this work but the end result is absolutely worth it and breathtaking!! Check out some amazing window holograms here!


Dummy Monsters: There’s no limit to the amount of creepy creatures you can use to decorate your home. Visit your local department stores and see what you can find in their inventory of monsters and ghoulish dummies. Stage your Halloween dummies in whichever way you prefer. You can go creepy or cute, horror or humorous, just be creative with it! There are plenty of DIY ideas online to make your own spooky figures also!

Now that you have some spooktacular ideas for decorating your home, you’re sure to wow trick-or-treaters all over neighbourhood!! Don’t forget to have fun when decorating and even mix and match all the ideas above for the ultimate Halloween home display!!


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