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The Top 10 Paint Colours of 2020!!

Whether you’ve purchased a new home and are looking to jazz things up around the house, or you’re prepping your home for the winter market, painting your home’s interior is a sure-fire way to make any room look like it’s had a makeover! A paint colour can really say a lot about your style and the type of atmosphere you’re trying to convey, but what colour do you choose? If you need a little guidance, the good people at Benjamin Moore, one of North America’s most top-rated paint companies with many locations all throughout Canada, has created a list of their 2020 ‘Top 10 Colours of the Year!’

In no particular order, let’s dive right in and check these colours out!


White Heron – OC-57

It’s no surprise here that there’s a variation of white on this list, simply because its so reliable and versatile! As part of BM’s off-white collection, this colour adds a crisp nuance of modernity to any room avoiding the sterile bore that some more stark white’s can sometimes display.

First Light – 2102-70

Who can’t love this pretty and pink pastel? This subdued and dusty pink is absolutely gorgeous and works well in all circumstances, whether it be a child’s bedroom, an office, or a living space, really the sky’s the limit! Pastel pink is often a popular colour due to its subtle ability to accent the colors of its surrounding décor and create a warm and chic feel!

Crystalline – AF-485

Marketed as a member of BM’s ‘Affinity Colour Collection’, this colour has an earthy feel and adds an organic and refreshing essence. I definitely recommend this one for anyone looking for a colour to make a more personal space feel like a harmonious oasis.

Windmill Wings – 2067-60

Blue tones are known to open up any space and make them appear larger, which is why this colour is so wonderful! This particular icy tone is both refreshing and crisp and adds a deeper saturation to your space for those seeking a special colour to liven things up!

Buxton BlueHC-149 & Cushing Green – HC-125

BM markets these two colours as ‘time-honoured’ due to their mixes of many historic hues. When you take a look for yourself, there’s simply no denying each one boasts sophistication and either tone can definitely work to make any room look classier.

Golden Straw – 2152-50

I love this colour, simply because of its ability to make me want to stare at a wall that’s just been painted in it, smile and sigh in content. It truly has a warmth and richness that can’t be beat, emanating a nostalgic, sun-kissed feel.

Thunder – AF-685

This colour is so versatile because it has the ability to accent all features of a room together in a seamless cohesion! Works well with other neutrals and even vibrant colours making it a great and purer alternative to say, a standard and blah beige.

Oxford Gray – 2128-40

For a more dramatic and chic look, this colour is a perfect option and will add a sleek, handsome finish to your space.

Blue Danube – 2062-30

What an absolutely stunning colour! This incredibly saturated jewel tone is perfect for invigorating your space and plays amazingly with all kinds of hues to create either a heightened experience or subdued warmth in any room. It is a deep and stormy blue, with a moody feel that is definitely one of my favourites on BM’s list!

I hope this breakdown of Benjamin Moore’s 2020 ‘Top 10 Colours of the Year!’ has been helpful and gives you lots to think about for when you decide to paint! Need some more suggestions on what shade or colour will work best for your space? I’m here to help!



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