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The Top 7 Houseplants of 2021

Decorating your home isn’t always an easy endeavor, finding the right décor and aesthetic can take a lot of planning and searching for what looks best. That said, one of the easiest and not to mention gorgeous ways to spruce up your home is by adding indoor plants to the mix! For some house plant inspiration, here’s a list of the ‘Top 7 Houseplants for Homes in 2021,’ to help make your selection as versatile and fresh as it can be!

  1. Snake Plant: No you won’t find any slithery little creatures hiding behind the leaves of this houseplant. Rather, the name hails from the interesting and wayward markings on the plant, similar in pattern to that of a snakeskin. This plant has a reputation for surviving up to a month without water, making them relatively low maintenance. Keep in mind that while the snake plant can survive in low light, bright light situations are ideal!

  1. ZZ Plant: The ‘Zamioculcas Zamiifolia’ plant or better known as the ZZ plant is a top contender when it comes to indestructible plants! The horizontal rhizomes store ample amounts of water over long periods of time making them highly unsusceptible to drought. Not to mention they are extremely tolerant in low light, making them an excellent plant for livening up basements!

  1. Air Plant: Yet another seriously cute and seriously low maintenance choice for your home! The airplane comes in various shapes and sizes and requires little maintenance. You don’t even need to pot these plants; simply tend to them with a spray bottle or soak them in water for a few hours every few days and they are good to go! Air plants look especially gorgeous when paired with a glass terrarium.

  1. Spider Plant: Spider plant continue to be a staple in homes everywhere due to their ability to make any room feel instantly jungle chic with their sprawling and pointed leaves. Spider plants are a touch more sensitive to sun than other plants but still thrive in bright light situations, so keep them in a well-lit room but away from any direct sun. Weekly watering is also required to keep this plant looking healthy and full of life!

  1. Aloe: Not only can you reap the healing and anti-inflammatory benefits of Aloe from it’s plant leaves but it’s also a great houseplant because of it’s low maintenance and great look! Note that aloe plants grow best in indirect lighting and require a light watering once every week or so.

  1. Yucca: This plant is the perfect plant to liven up any dank, empty corner of a room! Out of all the plants on our list this one loves sunlight the most. It’s taller stature makes it a great option to fill a space, and gives a sense of scale and hierarchy to a room.

  1. Pothos: This plant is a survivor to say the least and can continue growing even in situations where it’s been either under or over watered. It’s vines are known to grow over 10 feet long, making it ideal for hanging from macramé’s or perched on windowsills.

Now that you know the top 7 houseplants of 2021, you cans start filling your home with all this luscious greenery and liven up your indoors! Need more advice on which plants to choose, or do you have any questions regarding your real estate needs? I’m here to help!

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