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Updating Your Home for the Spring Season

We all love the rejuvenating feeling that warmer weather and long sunny days add to our mood and motivation and with March right around the corner, now’s the best time to take that energy and put it toward updating your home for the Spring season and here’s how you can do it!


Liven Up the Home: One of the best ways to liven up your home for the spring season is embracing all the natural foliage the season offers. Visit your local florist and choose a selection of fresh greenery and flowers to fill your home with. This is a great way to add colour and style to your home while also freshening things up! There are a number of plants to choose from, including many popular low-maintenance houseplants that are easy to care for.


Switch Up Textiles, Linens and Pillows: In the winter we tend to lean toward heavier throws and holiday patterns like plaid and tartan but for spring, it’s better to bring in neutral textiles as replacement. Light linens, cotton throws and curtains are a big hit in tones such as beige, cream and white to keep things fresh and bright. Think about replacing your bed linens with a cozy but crisp bedding option to make your room appear bigger and brighter. You should also think about using throw pillows of varying patterns and colours to bring a cheerier design element into your home!


Add Artwork: Visit local galleries and home décor stores and look for artwork that inspires you! This is a great way to express your personal tastes by choosing and styling a collection of artwork in a manner that brings a colourful and invigorating feeling of spring into your home.


Change Hardware: Modernize your hardware with new knobs, towel racks and faucets. A more modern look can go a long way in updating your kitchen and bathrooms and is an excellent and affordable way to add a fresh appeal to your home!

Accessorize your Front Door: Add a new welcome mat to your stoop and think about replacing your holiday wreathe with one boasting plenty of blooming spring flowers and greenery. This is great way to greet guests with a bright and cheerful welcome.


Spring Clean and Make Repairs: Get a jump-start on your spring-cleaning now and do a thorough walkthrough of your home, making note of everything that needs repair and updates. It’s better to get these small tasks taken care of now, so you can be sure your home is ready for a quick listing. Tidy the home from top to bottom and get rid of any items that no longer bring you joy! Embracing the freshness of spring with a clean and tidy home will do wonders for boosting your mood!

Repaint: Whether it’s repainting your whole home or just focusing attention on just one room, adding a few fresh coats of paint gives a ‘like-new’ illusion and is a great way to update and freshen any space! A neutral palette provides an open and airy look but you can also choose to add colour with either light earthy tones or cooler tones!

Now that you’re aware of the top ways to update your home for the spring, you can get started on making these home updates for yourself!

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