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Ways to keep up your child’s motivation after the ‘back-to-school excitement wears off

We all know the first week of school is an exciting time for kids! They can make new friends and reunite with old ones, ease into lessons and get to know their playground and classroom surroundings at a gentler place. But as the initial excitement of the first week wears off, some kids might get bored or even fatigued as a more normal and demanding routine is set in motion. Here’s how to make sure school stays fun for your kids and the motivation to work hard continues!

Break up homework time: Your child is expected to spend a good portion of their day sitting down in class and learning for extended periods. Don’t make this the same routine at home. Instead, break up their homework routine with activities that will engage their mind. Memory games to learn new lessons will help your child review and retain new material! Also try to incorporate fun activities during breaks. For instance, spend an hour to thirty minutes working on homework and then take a ten-minute break to play a quick game with your child, do a puzzle, or practice some gentle exercise to get their blood flowing. Rotate these fun activities into your routine and watch how much easier it is for your kids to pay attention!

Give kids choices and trust them to make the right decision: Remember, your older children may not respond as positively to the same regiment as your youngsters. In this case, give your children some degree of flexibility when it comes to how and when they do their homework. Encourage them to take responsibility for their learning by setting their own schedules and goals. Giving your child the ability to make their own decisions teaches them crucial skills in decision-making and accountability.

Schedule study groups: Try scheduling study groups with fellow parents and have your children work together on school assignments. This is a great way to help your children retain information with the help of friends. Study groups break up routine, encourage kids to learn from each other and make the experience of school more enjoyable!

Have field trips: Who’s to say field trips are just for during school? Try taking your child on regular weekend field trips. This will excel your child’s learning to the next level by associating lessons with an exciting new experience, while also creating educational connections outside of the classroom. Historical exhibits, museums and galleries are a great place to start!

Change up their lunches: Give your child a say in their lunches by encouraging them to make healthy choices for their lunchtime treats. Be sure to change up their lunches regularly so they don’t get bored either. When it comes to packing your child’s lunches, work together to prepare meals, snacks and sides that they will always look forward to.

We hope these tips will help keep your child engaged and motivated as the school year progresses. Happy learning!


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