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What the Colour of Your Front Door Says About You

Did you know the colour of your front door could have a huge impact on how other perceive you? In addition to a revitalized finish, a painted front door also draws in eyes and is the first impression your home makes from the outside to guests. In case your wondering what certain door colours say about you and your home, here’s a list of meanings for you to consider!


Red: The colour red is a very popular paint choice for front doors. A bright shade of red signifies you’re a passionate and lively homeowner with a strong personality. While a darker shade of red can mean you are someone with a warm personality and a very cozy home.


White: A white door informs those in your neighbourhood that you are a peaceful and pure person who keeps a serene and cleanly household.


Grey: A grey door is chic and tells guests you have very modern tastes and a reserved personality.


Yellow: The colour yellow is associated with a sunny and happy individual. The yellow-door homeowner is jovial and kind and is definitely the most welcoming host!


Green: The colour green is organic and refreshing. It means you are someone who appreciates nature and is a very freethinking person who is always up for an excursion.


Orange: While orange may not be the most common front door colour, it definitely says a lot about the person behind the door! An orange door means you are a vibrant and exciting individual who is unafraid to make a bold statement.


Purple: If you have a purple door, it means you are greatly in touch with your spiritual side. You have a very easy outlook on life and are extremely creative.


Black: Black is sophisticated and upscale. It signifies you are someone with a serious personality who enjoys elegance and the finer things in life.


Blue: Blue is one of those colours than can have different meanings depending on the shade. Royal blue or navy blue means you are a positive and intellectual thinker with a grounding personality. Light blue, such as powder blue or sea foam is associated with sincerity and calmness. It is the colour of someone with a gentle personality and relaxed outlook.


Pink: A pink front door is unique, just like the individual living behind it. If you have a pink door you are a bubbly and eccentric, and more than proud to be so. You are someone who is a great entertainer!


There you have it! Now that you know all the meanings behind the colours, you can decide which colour suits you best and paint your door with confidence!

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