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What Young Families Should Consider Before Purchasing a Home

Buying a home for your burgeoning family is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, namely because you’re making the decision not only for yourself but for your loved ones too! As young families and new parents make this milestone decision, it’s important to consider all the aspects of a home and its location and what will work in favor of your families’ dynamic lifestyle! With so many factors to consider, it’s easy to overlook some things, but to make the house hunt easier…here are 8 must have features every young family should consider when purchasing a new home!


Within walking distance of parks: You will want to be sure that your home is in a neighborhood with convenient access to parks and amenities. Being cooped up at home all the time is the last thing you or your children need. At a nearby park, your children will relish in the fresh air and free space to roam, mingle and play with their peers. It also gives you a breather as they have a more open venue to entertain themselves. You could also potentially meet other parents in your area! It is a special time for socializing that is both valuable for you and your children and is a healthy dose of daily outdoors that you’ll surely appreciate.

A Backyard with Direct Sightlines: Having a backyard is a great feature for any young family, as it provides a place to relax, have fun and entertain all from the comfort of your home! That said, it’s important to have a backyard with clear sightlines from indoors, so you can keep a vigilant eye on your children at all times, even when you aren’t outside with them. Additionally, if the home has a pool in the backyard, take extra precautions that the pool area is fenced off and inaccessible to young children without supervision. Rest assured if you have clear view from within the home and have taken proper precautions, you can purchase with peace of mind that your kids will have a safe place to play at home!


Space for Storage at Entrance: While this may not be a deal breaker for some, having space to include storage units or shelving at your front entrance will save you a load of hassle and clutter down the line! With so many items to peel off and put on throughout the changing seasons (boots, jackets, gloves, hats, etc), not to mention toys, strollers, daily accessories and more, you’ll want to have plenty of space and storage right in your foyer for keeping these items organized; still easily accessible but tidily put away till you need them again. Otherwise, you might wind up having a cluster of clutter to trip over every time you enter your front door, which I’m guessing is the last things you want. For the sake of order, shop for homes with plenty of entrance space to add and utilize either an armoire or storage console, racks and shelving, hooks or a combination of these things to keep your home ordered!

Quiet & Safe Neighborhood with Sidewalks: Avoid buying a home either near or on a busy intersection, as it may not be the safest place for your children to play. Do you research of the neighbourhood beforehand, take a drive through and see how congested with road traffic the area appears to be. A safer, not to mention more peaceful choice for young families may be to choose a home within a quiet suburb, separate from any major roads or intersections with plenty of safe sideways to get to and from locally. Without sidewalks, your child risks walking into an open road with incoming traffic, this could spell disaster if either driver or child is not being cautious enough. To be extra sure the neighbourhood is a safe and comfortable place to live, you should also do some research online and ask around. Hopefully you’ll get some honest feedback from locals in the area and they can notify you of any red flags. Do avoid any risk all together and be sure to do your due diligence on all prospective neighbourhoods and go with an option that eases any worries you may have.

Same Floor Bedrooms: Being parents to young children especially is a 24-hour demanding job. This means, tending to your children in the middle of the night is almost certainly the case and you’ll want to make this task as painless and easy as it can be! Keep in mind having to lug yourself up or down a flight of stairs to get to your child’s bedroom will be a pain, especially when your exhausted and grumbly. While a home with bigger or more bedrooms on opposite flights might seem appealing, they’ll be less hassle for you in the long run if you opt for a home with all the bedrooms on the same floor! Choose a layout where you’re children’s’ bedrooms are simply steps away, and within close enough proximity to your own so you can tend to them easily and crawl back into bed in no time!


Spacious Kitchen: A large kitchen is a great feature for any home, but especially for a growing family. An open concept kitchen provides plenty of space for those early school mornings, packing lunches and cooking breakfasts in tandem, whilst the family bustles around you trying to get prepared for the day! Children are notoriously known for wanting to help out in the kitchen (even if that just means making a mess of things in the cutest ways possible). Give yourself some breathing room to scoot around them while cooking and save yourself the stress of trying to corral rambunctious and hungry kids all in a cramped kitchen, while also trying to cook.

Open Concept Living Space: Speaking of open concept, look for a living space that has plenty of room for the kids to play, but also space for you to observe too! You’ll want a home where you can go about your daily routine, with easy sightline and access to your children at all times. The last thing you want is to have to leap over a couch or stub your toe on a coffee table because you are rushing across a congested living room to pry that Lego from your child’s mouth. Having room to move around freely will help you breathe soundly so you can and go about your day with ease. Additionally, save space by purchasing a home with plenty of main floor storage. Look for homes with wall units, consoles, armoires, or similar storage items, either built in or with room to install. Having a neat and tidy place to store toys, electronics, and other cluttering items will open your living room and make things feel bigger and brighter at home!

Bathroom with Tub: This especially rings true for parents with toddlers! While we all love the sleek and chic look of a full glass shower, however bathtubs make clean up time infinitely easier for parents. Children are more likely to take a bath as opposed to a shower without fuss, especially when there are bubbles and toys involved!

Now that you know some key features to look out for, you and your growing family can be rest assured you’re fully prepared to find the perfect home to fit your entire families’ needs! For more help in finding the right home for your burgeoning lifestyle, I’m here to help!

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